3 December 2018

Today in De Volkskrant: Fokke Obbema interviews Funda Müjde about the meaning of life

Media: Volkskrant
Publication date: Monday, December 3
About: After a cardiac arrest, which caused him to float between life and death, journalist Fokke Obbema goes in search of answers to that ancient question in the series Zin van het leven: what is the meaning of our existence? In this episode Fokke Obbema interviews Funda Müjde, actress, and she tells him that being grateful is her best medicine against depression’
Photography of this series: Jitske Schols


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23 November 2018

Portraits of Lykele Muus

Lykele Muus (1987) is a Dutch actor and writer. In 2011, Muus graduated from the Amsterdam Theater School and Kleinkunstacademie. He has participated in several films and series and is mainly known for his role in the sf-series Mission Earth. Muus is not only active as a writer of fiction, he has also co-written several theater performances, cabaret programs and several series.

19 November 2018


Media: Volkskrant
Publication date: Monday, November 19
About: After a cardiac arrest, which caused him to float between life and death, journalist Fokke Obbema goes in search of answers to that ancient question in the series Zin van het leven: what is the meaning of our existence? In this episode Fokke Obbema interviews Edy Korthals Altes, former ambassador, who still wants to change the world at the age of 94. He advocates a different way of life. One that is richer in content. But how do you achieve something like that?
Photography of this series: Jitske Schols


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12 November 2018

Photography auction for War Child

EYE for all organizes its annual photo auction for charity. This year the gainings will go to War Child and in particular to the Safe Spaces project. In a Safe Space children from war zones can play and receive education; it is literally a safe place where they can be child again.

Please note 16 November in your diary if you want to bid on a special collection of photos of famous photographers. The photo auction takes place on Catawiki. Participating photographers include Micky Hoogendijk, Kadir van Lohuizen, Brooks Kraft, Corbino, Eddy van Wessel, Marco Borsato, many others et moi. I donated my award winning photo of ‘Sora in Black’. Bid, buy and support War Child, what more could you want?

EYE for all is an initiative of Annet de Graaf in collaboration with Catawiki.


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12 November 2018


Media: Volkskrant
Publication date: Monday, November 12
About: After a cardiac arrest, which caused him to float between life and death, journalist Fokke Obbema goes in search of answers to that ancient question in the series Zin van het leven: what is the meaning of our existence? In this episode Fokke Obbema interviews Jolande Withuis, sociologist. “Life does not make any sense. That gives endless opportunities.”
Photography of this series: Jitske Schols


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1 November 2018

Today in Het Parool: the return of Wim Kieft

Media: Het Parool
Publication date: November 1, 2018
About: The return of Wim Kieft 
Interview by: Ronald Ockhuysen
Photography: Jitske Schols


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27 October 2018

Heidi Dorudi

15 October 2018

Today in de Volkskrant: Fokke Obbema interviews Claartje Kruijff about the meaning of life

Media: Volkskrant
Publication date: Monday, October 15
About: After a cardiac arrest, which caused him to float between life and death, journalist Fokke Obbema goes in search of answers to that ancient question in the series Zin van het leven: what is the meaning of our existence? In this episode Fokke Obbema interviews Claartje Kruijff, preacher. “In our time the emphasis is on autonomy and self-reliance. But I don’t think that is the essence of life.”
Photography of this series: Jitske Schols


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14 October 2018

Reveiling some backgrounds

Often people ask me about the background of my photography, the style of my images and the deeper meaning of it all. Why is it the way it is?

Well, I will lift a corner of the veil for you. I would say my work is strongly influenced by impressionism, naturalism and the Dutch Tachtigers movement. This last group was a gathering of young artists who proclaimed the principle of l’art pour l’art, so art for art’s sake. The group influenced Dutch artistic and political life during the 1890s. More specifically my work is inspired by the work of painter/etcher/photographer Willem Witsen and his circle of friends, including painters George Hendrik Breitner, Isaac Israëls, and Jan Veth and writers Lodewijk van Deyssel, Albert Verwey, Willem Kloos, and Herman Gorter. How comes? And what bridges us while being over a hundred years apart?

 Please read my Artist Statement  》


8 October 2018


Media: Volkskrant
Publication date: Monday, October 8
About: After a cardiac arrest, which caused him to float between life and death, journalist Fokke Obbema goes in search of answers to that ancient question in the series Zin van het leven: what is the meaning of our existence? In this episode Fokke Obbema interviews A.L. Snijders, writer of Very Short Stories. “Life is absolutely meaningless, I’m sure of that.”
Photography of this series: Jitske Schols


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8 October 2018

‘Boon’ in store magazine Albert Heijn

Media: ‘boon’ (now available in your local Albert Heijn store)
Publication date: October, 2018
About: For in store magazine ‘boon’ of Albert Heijn I portrayed Roy Nanhekhan, founder of the heritage centre of Douwe Egberts
Creative director: Ico van Rheenen
Art director: Patrick Keeler
Photography of this series: Jitske Schols

1 October 2018


Media: Volkskrant
Publication date: Monday, October 1
About: After a cardiac arrest, which caused him to float between life and death, journalist Fokke Obbema goes in search of answers to that ancient question in the series Zin van het leven: what is the meaning of our existence? In this episode Fokke Obbema interviews Sanneke de Haan, philosopher. But she can not answer his question. “The question is not right, it is misleading.” But how can life then be interpreted, Fokke Obbema wants to know from her.
Photography of this series: Jitske Schols


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24 September 2018

Today in de Volkskrant: Fokke Obbema interviews Jan Geurtz about the meaning of life

Media: Volkskrant
Publication date: Monday September 24
About: After a cardiac arrest, which caused him to float between life and death, journalist Fokke Obbema goes in search of answers to that ancient question in the series Zin van het leven: what are we on earth? In this first episode Fokke Obbema interview Jan Geurtz, expert in Tibetan Buddhism. “Where is the ‘me’? In the body? In the mind? Is it an emotion?”
Photography of this series: Jitske Schols


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22 September 2018

Fokke Obbema in Volkskrant about the meaning of life

Media: Volkskrant | Zaterdag
Publication date: Saturday September 22nd, 2018
About: Journalist Fokke Obbema who last year suddenly died for a moment and who is looking for the meaning of life now
Photography of this series: Jitske Schols


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20 September 2018

Nelleke Noordervliet in Zin Magazine

Media: Zin magazine
Publication date: September, 2018
About: Nelleke Noordervliet wrote the essay ‘Door met de strijd’ which will be available in your local (Dutch) bookstore by October. Noordervliet was asked to write the essay for the annual ‘Month of History’ which is the largest history event in the Netherlands, themed ‘Rebellion’ this year.
Photography: Jitske Schols


 Website Maand van de Geschiedenis (Dutch only) 》

9 September 2018

Exhibition MS Oranje | Changing course in Het Scheepvaartmuseum (The National Maritime Museum) open

Yesterday, on 8 September 2018, Het Scheepvaartmuseum (The National Maritime Museum) opened the doors to its new exhibition MS Oranje | Changing course, putting the spotlight on the passenger ship Oranje. Today, eighty years after it was launched on 8 September 1938, this iconic ship with an eventful history still inspires awe.

The Oranje has a fascinating story, having taken on various roles and guises during its lifetime. It was originally built as a luxurious passenger liner in the late 1930s, sailing between the Dutch East Indies and the Netherlands. It later served as a hospital ship during the Second World War. After the war, thousands of people travelled from Indonesia to the Netherlands on board the Oranje, making their way to a new home and a new life in Europe. The two-part exhibition sheds light on both the history of the ship and the personal stories of those post-war migrants. MS Oranje | Changing course is open until 18 July 2019.

After the Japanese surrender and the ensuing Indonesian National Revolution leading to independence, the first of thousands of migrants set sail from the Dutch East Indies (present-day Indonesia) to the Netherlands. An estimated 300,000 people made the voyage to their new home between 1945 and 1965. A few thousand of them travelled on the Oranje, the ship that changed the course of their lives. Especially for this exhibition, television program maker Coen Verbraak spoke to ten people who travelled from Indonesia to the Netherlands on board the Oranje. These personal stories about leaving the land of their birth, their time on board, and their new lives in the Netherlands are told in a moving film. The film is screened as part of the exhibition, and portraits of the individuals concerned – taken by me – are also on display.

As from September 8th, 2018
The exhibition ms Oranje | Changing course Koers is on show from September 8th 2018 up until July 18th 2019 in Het Scheepvaartmuseum (the National Maritime Museum) and is being made possible by het Mondriaan Fonds and the BankGiro Loterij.

8 August 2018

Frans van Gelderen in Het Parool

Media: Het Parool
Publication date: August 6, 2018
About: Police officer Frans van Gelderen gives a glimpse into his time as an infiltrator in the underworld. Van Gelderen sadly recently died. RIP dear Frans.
Photography: Jitske Schols


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21 July 2018

HOP! in store magazine of Albert Heijn

Media: HOP!
Publication date: July, 2018
About: For in store magazine HOP! of Albert Heijn I portrayed 10 master brewers of special beers in Holland and Belgium
Creative director: Ico van Rheenen
Art director: Patrick Keeler
Photography of this series: Jitske Schols


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4 July 2018

Mr. Leon

Commissioned by: Anna
Who: Leon
What: Birthday present
Photography: Jitske Schols

26 June 2018

While walking…

I wouldn’t be a photographer now if I never started walking around with a camera. ‘While walking’ is an ongoing series of photo’s taken by me while walking, in this case in Napoli…


See the series #Napoli 


22 June 2018

Abdest at Mavi Cami, throw back time

Where: Istanbul, Mavi Cami (Blue Mosque)
What: Abdest or wudu is the Islamic procedure for washing parts of the body, a type of ritual purification. It involves washing the hands, mouth, nostrils, arms, head and feet with water and is an important part of ritual purity in Islam.
When: July 2010: throw back time!

22 June 2018

Management of The National Maritime Museum

Assigned by: The National Maritime Museum (Het Scheepvaartmuseum)
Who: Vera Carasso and Michael Huijser, management of The National Maritime Museum
What: The National Maritime Museum shows how our culture has been shaped by the sea. Stimulating, interactive exhibitions allow visitors to explore 500 years of maritime history.
Photography: Jitske Schols

Pesante I
1 June 2018

But who was Anna Witsen?

Let me share with you a story…

It was March 5, 1889, and singer Anna Witsen, sister of the Dutch painter Willem Witsen, put an end to her life by drowning in the pond on the estate of Ewijckshoeve in Lage Vuursche, The Netherlands. This is the estate where I grew up. It is the place where my memories were born and where my first footprints were placed. Who was this young lady who drowned herself in the lake where we used to row carefree in an old boat made of zinc?

In the 1880s Ewijckshoeve was the country residence of the patron family Witsen and thanks to the generosity of painter Willem Witsen, became a gathering place for writers, musicians and painters. It was considered a breeding ground for young, talented artists. Works of art originated here, can now be found in leading museums like the Rijksmuseum or the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. The formative days of experimenting with the medium of photography was explored in this place.

Initially -as a child- I took it for granted having been raised in such an environment. It was always an inexhaustible source of inspiration for my fantasies and fascinations. Later I realized what a privilege it was to grow up in such a location. My intrigue flourished with each passing story which took place in my backyard, a hundred years earlier. Eventually it became the foundation from which my photography was shaped.

Anna Witsen was depressed, she suffered from unrequited love and as a woman she believed she had failed by staying single. As a soprano, she received little recognition. She felt as though her mere presence disturbed her own brother, she was burdened with fierce fears and life senselessly tormented her. Extracting herself from this reality must have been a relief. I feel connected to this woman who lived at the same spot on earth, a century distance away. Only how different is my life?

In my photo series ‘Songs for soprano’ I make an imaginary journey back to the end of the 19th century and visit the estate to get to know Anna and what has driven her a little better.


The exhibition ‘Songs for soprano’ will run together with the series ‘Anonymous Contacts’ of photographer Maarten van Schaik at Galerie Caroline O’breen from June 7 to July 22. 

Galerie Caroline O’Breen
Sint Nicolaasstraat 50
1012 NK Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+316 471 044 84
Opening hours: Wed – Sat, 12 – 6 pm.

 Visit website Galerie Caroline O’Breen 》

21 May 2018

Duo exhibition Maarten van Schaik and Jitske Schols at Galerie Caroline O’Breen

From June 7 until July 22, Galerie Caroline O’Breen presents a duo exhibition by Maarten van Schaik and Jitske Schols. For both artists, the concept of memory and intuition plays an important role in their artistic expressions.

Maarten van Schaik plays with the idea of anonymity and abandonment in his series Anonymous Contacts. His work is about intuition and alienation, but also about surrender. In the series Songs for Soprano, Jitske Schols tries to capture a certain feeling of duality she experience when reflecting on her past. She went back to the place she grew up and had a happy and peaceful time as a child, not being aware the same place formed the backdrop for a huge tragedy which happened a century earlier.

You are invited to our opening on:
Thursday June 7, 5 – 8 pm

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19 May 2018

This weekend in Volkskrant: Sigrid Kaag, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation

Media: Sigrid Kaag in Volkskrant
Publication date: May 19, 2018
About: Sigrid Kaag as a top diplomat, traveled for a quarter of a century along various locations such as New York, Geneva, Beirut, Damascus and Jerusalem. Now she is back in The Netherlands as Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation. 
Text: Frank Hendrickx en Natalie Righton
Photography: Jitske Schols


Read the interview online
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19 May 2018

This weekend in AD Magazine: Thierry Baudet

Media: AD Magazine
Publication date: May 19, 2018
About: Ever since Thierry Baudet (35) entered politics, he is a source of controversy. That will be no different after his new novel, which he himself describes as ‘very successful’. A spicy interview with Thierry Baudet.
Text: Eefje Oomen
Photography: Jitske Schols

More in AD Magazine
More Thierry Baudet


1 May 2018

Today in Het Parool: Mano Bouzamour

Media: Het Parool
Publication date: May 1, 2018
About: In Bestsellerboy, the second book by Mano Bouzamour (27), the protagonist lost contact with his parents after the publication of his debut novel. As happened to himself. “I had to stare at my fears.”
Text: Marjolijn de Cocq
Photography: Jitske Schols

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21 April 2018

This weekend in Het Parool: Nicci French

Media: Het Parool
Publication date: April 21, 2018
About: With the eighth and final part of their Frieda Small series ‘The day of the dead’, writers’ duo Sean French and Nicci Gerrard say goodbye to the quirky protagonist who has controlled the ten past years of their lives.
Text: Marjolijn de Cocq
Photography: Jitske Schols

11 April 2018

Wordt Vervolgd columnists photographed for Amnesty International

Media: Wordt Vervolgd, Amnesty International
Publication date: April, 2018
About: The April issue is entirely dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Amnesty Netherlands. For this restyled magazine I portrayed it’s columnists Arnon Grunberg, Eduard Nazarski (director Amnesty International), Arend Hulshof (chief editor), Linda Polman and more

 To Wordt Vervolgd

2 April 2018

Month of History with Nelleke Noordervliet

Organization: CPNB
Publication date: March, 2018
About: The Month of History is the largest history event of the Netherlands. Together with hundreds of cultural, touristic, literary and media organizations CPNB brings history under the attention of millions of Dutch people. This year Dutch author Nelleke Noordervliet writes the corresponding essay with the current theme ‘revolution’
Photography: Jitske Schols

 To the website of CPNB

27 March 2018

Collection I

Straight from my diary…

20 March 2018

Pleaders for better eldercare in Holland: Hugo Borst & Carin Gaemers in HUMAN Magazine

Media: HUMAN Magazine
Publication date: March, 2018
About: Hugo Borst & Carin Gaemers, two warriors for better elderly care in the Netherlands
Article by: Arjan Visser
Photography: Jitske Schols

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17 March 2018

Frits Bolkestein in Volkskrant

Media: Volkskrant | Zaterdag
Publication date: March 17, 2018
About: Frits Bolkestein, his political life and his legacy for the Netherlands
Article by: Pieter Webeling
Photography: Jitske Schols

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8 March 2018

New webshop online

It took me the whole night, but now I have an official webshop online. The offered artworks are available in several sizes and finishes. Limited and open editions. You can pay via iDeal or bank transfer. The coming time I will finetune it and expand it with more work. Why not consider to give your love art for a special occasion. It will be for your own benefit too ;-)!

Anyway, have a look and do not hesitate to share my brand new webshop with the world. 

 Visit my webshop 

6 March 2018

Two Awards of Excellence for newspaper Het Parool

Also this year Dutch newspaper Het Parool received a nomination for World’s Best Design Newspaper, a prize that is awarded annually by the American Society for News Design foundation. In addition to that, Het Parool has already won two Awards of Excellence in the category ‘lifestyle cover story’. So proud that one of them is for a PS entry with portraits of Jan Cremer by me!

 More about this online 

3 March 2018

This weekend in Het Parool: Noraly Beyer

Media: Het Parool
Publication date: March 3, 2018
About: Former newsreader Noraly Beyer fulfills the role of the narrator during The Passion in ‘her’ Bijlmer this year. “The story of this neighborhood is similar to that of Jesus: both have risen from the dead.”
Text: Roelf Jan Duin
Photography: Jitske Schols

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3 March 2018

This weekend in AD Magazine: Single mums by choice

Media: Algemeen Dagblad | AD Magazine
Publication date: March 3, 2018
About: Not every woman finds a man in time to have babies. And not every woman wants a man. Every year, more than two thousand brave singles choose to become mothers on their own.
Text: Florien van Rees
Interviews: Sanne van der Kolk
Photography: Jitske Schols

 The whole portrait series 》
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3 March 2018


Media: Algemeen Dagblad | AD Magazine
Publication date: March 3, 2018
About: The Flemish Griet Op de Beeck (44), author of four bestsellers is writer of this year’s ‘Boekenweekgeschenk’
Text: Cathérine van der Linden
Photography: Jitske Schols

Read the article online (in Dutch)
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25 February 2018

Featured in Kiekie Magazine

Very proud to be featured in Kiekie Magazine no. 21. In this issue you can also read an interview with portrait photographer Koos Breukel. Maxime Cardol takes you to Berlin, you’ll find an Instax diary of Berivan Cemal, and lots more. Please find your copy at Tommy’z Toko, Pakhuis de Zwijger, white label coffee, WORM Rotterdam, Fotoacademie and of course Fotolab Kiekie. To top this all off, some of my portraits are being exposed in Kiekie’s shop windows at this very moment. A big thank you to the best photolab in town! 

 Look at those shop windows 》
 Receive your copy of Kiekie Magazine next time at home 》

24 February 2018

This weekend in Volkskrant: Marcel Crok, super badguy of the climate debate

Media: Volkskrant | Zaterdag
Publication date: February 24, 2018
About: Climate journalist Marcel Crok who is a prominent interpreter of the idea that climate change is not that bad.
Article by: Maarten Keulemans
Photography: Jitske Schols

Read the article (in Dutch) 》
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16 February 2018

Average or not, singer-songwriter VanWyck in todays daily Het Parool

Media: Het Parool
Publication date: February 16, 2018
About: Singer-songwriter VanWyck about her first solo album which was released on January 19th, 2018. She’s accompanied on the album by the award-winning bass player and arranger Reyer Zwart, and singer Marjolein van der Klauw, whose silvery voice is the perfect counterbalance to VanWyck’s own darker tones. An Average Woman is about women who are visible and hidden, sacrificing and selfish, ordinary and magical, obligated and free. It’s about the mysteries lurking in the everyday. It’s about creating your own universe and your own sense of belonging – and stumbling along the way. In this debut album, VanWyck explores the roles we are dealt and the ones we create for ourselves and she talks about it in Het Parool.
Article by: Els Quaegebeur
Photography: Jitske Schols
Note of the photographer: go to her site immediately and get blown away by her most beautiful music!

 Website VanWyck 

4 February 2018

Second prize at Zilveren Camera Awards 2017

So very in my nopjes! My portrait of Dutch rapper Ronnie Flex was chosen second best in the category ‘People in the news’ at the Zilveren Camera Awards the other night. It was my first shot at these awards and I’m very proud of the result, especially when considering that almost 11.000 photos have been submitted by 595 photographers. Very special to be part of this event!

Go to Zilveren Camera 

1 February 2018

Winners MBO Stage Awards 2017

Only winners at the presentation of the MBO Stage Awards 2017 in Amsterdam Noord! Best MBO internship teacher: Marjorie Fernald (ROC TOP). Best MBO internship company: NH Hotel Noord. Best MBO trainee: Karina Fattah (ROCvA). All nominees and winners: Congratulations!

Portraits by: Jitske Schols
Commissioned by: Amsterdam, stadsdeel Noord

30 January 2018

MBO Stage Awards 2017

Commissioned by: Gemeente Amsterdam, stadsdeel Noord
What: Portraits of nominees MBO Stage Awards 2017, Amsterdam Noord

 Check it by yourself! 

29 January 2018

Prints in limited editions

This large size baby is on her way to her new owners. I’m sure they will take good care of her and she will do her best to please them. Also interested in buying a piece of art in limited editions? Please feel welcome in my online gallery.

 Visit online gallery 

25 January 2018

Look at that: Noordhollands Dagblad

Media: Noord Hollands Dagblad
Publication date: January 25, 2018
About: Nominees Zilveren Camera Awards and my portrait of Ronnie Flex

 Check it by yourself! 

22 January 2018

Nominee Zilveren Camera

Whoop-whoop! I just heard that my portrait of rapper Ronnie Flex which I made on assignment for Het Parool | PS van de Week has been nominated for the Zilveren Camera in the section ‘People in the News’ <3

Check it by yourself! 

18 January 2018

Opening expo SPROUT! in Engelbewaarder a huge succes

Guys, how I enjoyed the very first opening of my very first exhibition yesterday! So many people did attend the evening, it was so much fun! Unfortunately I have not been able to chat with everyone, but I am really overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of you all. In the consternation I totally forgot to take pictures of this for me so very special moment.

A big shout out and thank you for photographer Chris de Bode for asking me to exhibit and for organizing this event! And thank you so much Café De Engelbewaarder to sponsor these photo exhibitions already for twenty years now and offering us this beautiful evening! Also thank you Fotolab Kiekie for the ever so beautiful prints. And of course thanks to everyone who came by for a drink and maybe saw my photos in a blink of the eye ;-). 

For the people who could not attend yesterday evening or the people who want to see the photos on a less crowdy moment, the exhibition will last at least until the end of February (as you can read in today’s newspaper Het Parool on page 28. How cool!!).

View on yesterday evening 

13 January 2018

TV maker Ruben Terlou in Het Parool | PS van de Week

Media: Het Parool | PS van de Week
Publication date: January 13, 2018
About: Trained as a doctor, Ruben Terlou (32) chose a career as TV maker. From Sunday he is back with a new series about China. ‘When I was young and at school, I always wanted to leave – preferably far away. To disappear. That can be done very well in China. ‘
Article by: Joep School
Photography: Jitske Schols

⬤ More Ruben Terlou 
⬤ Read the article (in Dutch) 



9 January 2018

Sprout! exhibition in De Engelbewaarder

Jitske Schols makes editorial, commercial and fine art portraits, mostly – but not exclusively – in black and white. Many of her photographs are rich in contrast, which makes the images appear as penetrating, while the portraits by Jitske are often photographed at a serene or vulnerable moment. Her photography also shows the often playful interaction that can arise between the model and the photographer. The photos seem to refer to the black and white portraits of yesteryear. She prefers to work in a small and intimate setting in which she gets to know the people she is photographing for a short moment and a relaxed atmosphere arises in which the model can surrender to the photographer with her camera.

After a 20-year career in communication, Jitske suddenly received a camera in 2013. That became a total game changer. The camera did not let her go, she stopped her job and became a freelance photographer. Since then, her career has been gaining momentum and she recently won the Dutch Photographic Portrait Prize.

As from January 17 SPROUT!, an overview of the work she made in the first three years of her career as a portrait photographer will be exhibited in Café De Engelbewaarder, Kloveniersburgwal 59 in Amsterdam. Please feel welcome to attent the opening on January 17 at 6 pm (view invitation in Dutch). The exhibition can be viewed at least until February 27, 2018.

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29 December 2017

Author Jan Cremer in Het Parool about his new novel ‘Sirenen’

Media: Het Parool
Publication date: December 29, 2017
About: In his novel Sirenen, about his first great love, Jan Cremer (77) shows himself from the sensitive side. 
Article by: Ronald Ockhuysen
Photography: Jitske Schols

Read the article 

23 December 2017

De smaakmatrix: Wow!

Wow, I’m in the SMAAKMATRIX 😀

Media: Het Parool | PS van de Week
Publication date: December 23, 2017


23 December 2017

Medical philosopher Elselijn Kingma in HUMAN Magazine

Media: HUMAN Magazine
Publication date: December, 2017
About: Medical philosopher Elselijn Kingma in Duivels Dilemma “This is my body”
Article by: Ad Fransen
Photography: Jitske Schols

⬤ Read HUMAN Magazine 



23 December 2017

Artist Rob de Nijs in Het Parool | PS van de Week

Media: Het Parool
Publication date: December 23, 2017
About: In the 70s and 80s Rob de Nijs was Holland’s most popular singer. On Boxing Day he will turn 75, but with a young child and a new album he gets through aging smoothly.
Article by: Peter van Brummelen
Photography: Jitske Schols

⬤ More Rob de Nijs 

23 December 2017

Radio interview. With me!

Who would have thought that I would be invited for my favorite radio show Kunststof? Not me! But yesterday I was. And although I was very nervous, I didn’t make the bloopers I was afraid for. Maybe I should work on limiting my ‘…eh’s…’, but hey… that’s me!
So, eh…., for anyone who’d like to listen:

⬤ Listen to Radio Kunststof (Dutch) 

19 December 2017


So so sóóó very excited that my portrait ‘Sora in Black’ has been chosen as best Dutch photographic portrait of 2016 out of 500 submissions!

From the jury report: “Jitske Schols has built up an impressive body of work in a short time, and received international recognition for that. She has developed her own signature in her portraits. The winning portrait comes from a series that Schols made about children who have a Dutch parent and a parent with a foreign nationality. Sora is a half-Dutch, half-Moluccan girl. Because her face is the only part that reflects the light, the viewers attention is drawn to there. Her gaze is elusive, you can not reach it. This is why the portrait captures your attention and keeps you looking. It is a timeless image; dark, but with just enough translucence. The shape of the arms and the hair work together. The portrait is cinematic and mysterious. ” On the shortlist were Robin de Puy, Cigdem Yuksel, Blommers / Schumm and Frank Ruiter.

Model: Sora Thenu

⬤ Listen to interview on Radio 1 (Dutch only) 

18 December 2017

Digital sleep coach Els van der Helm in today’s newspaper Het Parool

Media: Het Parool
Publication date: December 18, 2017
About: Neuroscientist Els van der Helm (33) launches the app ‘Shleep’, a digital sleep coach that shows users the importance of sleep.

Article by Jette Pellemans

14 December 2017


I think it was my first holiday ever that I can remember: the sweet times on lovely island Vlieland. I must have been a toddler. Many visits followed. I love the peace on the island, the wide beaches and beautiful views, the fresh air, the dunes and even more the forest. Last spring I photographed the island and exhibited my photo’s -together with paintings of Ellen Davidzon– at gallery Vlieland Maritiem Art.  

Today I’ve read in Leeuwarder Courant that there was a meeting earlier this week. The islanders discussed about the future of their island since the growth of tourism on Vlieland continues in such a rapid way that they wonder how to manage this. Should there be tower blocks on Vlieland? Does the island attract enough youngsters or should Vlieland just please its average wealthy guests? And how does the island preserve its authenticity without becoming an ‘Anton Pieck‘ village?

I’m sure everybody has their best intentions and I really do hope that the decision-makers allow the residents to prevail over commerce. Go Vlieland!

⬤ See my series Vlielandscapes 》

9 December 2017

Fired official Saadia Ait-Taleb in today’s newspaper Het Parool

Media: Het Parool
Publication date: December 9, 2017
About: What went wrong between the dismissed anti-radicalization official Saadia Ait-Taleb (34) and the municipality of Amsterdam. ‘There is a lot of discomfort about Muslims and Moroccans at the town hall.’

⬤ Read article by Marcel Wiegman 》

6 December 2017

Shortlisted for Dutch Photographic Portrait Prize 2016

I’m so very excited to announce that my portrait ‘Sora in Black’ is shortlisted for the Dutch Photographic Portrait Prize 2016! Out of 500 submissions, the jury chose a shortlist of five portraits made by: Blommers/Schumm, Robin de Puy, Frank Ruiter, Cigdem Yüksel and Jitske Schols (\o/).  The winner will be announced on December 19th. The Dutch Photographic Portrait Prize was established in 2010. The prize is awarded to a photographer with a consistent oeuvre who according to the jury has made the best portrait in a given year. Previous winners include Sander Troelstra, Annaleen Louwes, Robin de Puy and Stephan Vanfleteren.

Model: Sora Thenu

⬤ More info on www.dutchnationalportrait.gallery 

2 December 2017

Author Bregje Bleeker today in Het Parool about her book ‘De Walrus’

Today in daily newspaper Het Parool: author Bregje Bleeker. Once a gangster sweetheart, now an official at the municipality of Amsterdam. She wrote her book ‘De Walrus’ about it.

⬤ Read article by Marcel Wiegman 》


30 November 2017

Photoshoot with artist Wende Snijders

Yesss, I just booked a couple of tickets to see Wende Snijders’ new show ‘Mens’ in May 2018 in Amsterdam Carré together with my love. Also very happy that she asked me to portray her. And that just was a whole lot of fun (although you cannot really see that on this portrait). Click the link below for a selection of photos. These images and more are available via LUMEN Photo.

Like to also book tickets for this wonderful artist’s show? Visite her site & book. See you there!

More of Wende 
Website Wende Snijders 

21 November 2017

Nadine Bongaerts in Magazine Future: “No man is as smart as nature”

Nadine Bongaerts is an inspiring synthetic biologist and on the cover of the first ‘Get into Future Magazine’ by TMG, Financiele Telegraaf and SingularityU about nanotech, synthetic biology, fintech, healthtech, blockchain and startups. Nadine herself is passionate about designing life through genetic engineering. She received her Bachelor and Master Degree in Life Science & Technology from Delft University of Technology and Leiden University and is currently pursuing her PhD at French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) in Paris where she works on the development of a novel drug screening platform with engineered bacteria for the accelerated discovery of antibiotics. In the magazine she states: “Nature does not make anything that she can not break off. This principle we should follow more, because it is so much more durable, smarter and safer. I hope our profession can contribute to this. And let’s be honest: nature still has the most advanced technology that exists.”

Publisher: Telegraaf Media Groep (TMG), SingularityU
Publication date: November, 2017
Occasion: Summit 2017
Portraits of: Nadine Bongaerts
Text by: Anne Marie Moerman
Production: Isabel Michelotti
Art direction: Marije Groot
Photography: Jitske Schols/represented by Mrs. Robinson
Photography assistant: Vivian Wegmann

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21 November 2017

Today in daily newspaper Het Parool, architect Cees Dam: “You should not be proud of what you did”

Media: Het Parool
Publication date: November 21, 2017
About: Interview with Dutch architect Cees Dam (85) about his new book ‘Over Architectuur’ and about the importance to keep dreaming in life

⬤ Read article by Jan Pieter Ekker 》

10 November 2017

Featured in Pf Magazine

Where: Pf Magazine
When: November, 2017
What: In the ‘Featured’ section, my photo of Kajsa Ollongren is being reviewed

Want an issue? Order here 》

2 November 2017


Media: Het Parool
Publication date: November 2, 2017
About: Pianist Mike Boddé (49) has increasing hearing problems. In his ‘Audiography’ Tril, he describes his life in sounds.

⬤ View photo’s Mike Boddé

1 November 2017

Photo Swap in Focus Magazine

Media: Focus Magazine
Publication date: November 1, 2017
About: Photo Swap @ Unseen

1 November 2017

Give art these winter holidays

It may be a little early, but you might have to rethink this twice and of course we do have a production time. I’m talking about surprising yourself (and okay, also your partner) with a nice piece of art during these winter holidays. Something lasting, an eye-catching ornament for your wall. Something to remember. In my (self made) webshop you will find some of my (framed) artworks for sale. All photo’s are available in limited editions, numbered, signed and provided with a certificate of authenticity. Three different sizes. Special request possible. What about that, wouldn’t that be a perfect Christmas present? No need to think twice?

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25 October 2017

In todays newspaper Het Parool: Kajsa Ollongren

About her start as minister and deputy prime minister in the new cabinet tomorrow and her departure from local Amsterdam’s politics.

⬤ Go & read! 》


22 October 2017

The internship of Vivian

Student Vivian (20) came from Switzerland to Amsterdam to follow a one-week internship. She is in an art school and is particularly interested in photography. We made a plan of things that Vivian wanted to learn. In addition to accompanying me during assignments, she wanted to experiment with studio portraits herself and experience street photography in Haarlem. We did it all and had a blast! Within a week Vivian managed to become a very helpful assistent, a friend and a member of the family. We loved you being here. I hope you learned a lot Vivian and I’m sure we’ll see you back in Amsterdam again!

18 October 2017

Ellis Aizenberg

Commissioned portrait of Ellis Aizenberg.


Want a portrait yourself? Please complete this form and I will send you information.

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18 October 2017

Eva Hagenberg

Commissioned portrait of Eva Hagenberg.


Want a portrait yourself? Please complete this form and I will send you information.

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7 October 2017

Actor Jacob Derwig for Het Parool | PS van de Week

So very proud to have photographed the fantastic actor and above all very sympathetic Jacob Derwig for magazine Het Parool | PS van de Week of this weekend, wearing a suit and shirt designed by John Malkovich (yes it is!)! The newspaper and magazine just arrived and I was very impressed. Not only by the beautiful magazine, but also by the special and exceptional layout of the newspaper, due to the death of our beloved mayor Eberhard van der Laan. Only a beautiful poem of F. Starik (former city poet of Amsterdam) was printed on the frontpage of the newspaper. Sober and intense. No wonder it’s chosen best designed newspaper of the world!

⬤ More Jacob Derwig 
Het Parool 

6 October 2017

Dag burgemeester Eberhard Van der Laan

We zullen lief zijn voor de stad en voor elkaar.

29 September 2017

Martin Koolhoven’s Brimstone wins it all

Big winner of the ‘Gouden Kalveren’, the main prizes for Dutch films, has become Brimstone. The western thriller managed to redeem six of nine Gouden Kalf nominations tonight, including those for Best Film. Never before had a movie got so many Gouden Kalveren. Oeh lala, well done & big bow! When the film was released film maker Martin Koolhoven posed for my camera. These photo’s are now available at LUMEN Photo.

⬤ Visit LUMEN Photo 

27 September 2017


New: The Faceless Linkedin Profile Pictures Exhibition. This exhibition is initiated and curated by Fabian Sapthu (Less Agency) and psychologist Tim Theeboom (University of Amsterdam & Less Agency):

Of the 500 million LinkedIn members roughly 95% of them has their smiling face as a profile picture. Does this increase their career or business opportunities? According to LinkedIn ‘your profile is 14x more likely to be viewed simply by having a profile picture’. A heatmap study by TheLadders concluded that ‘recruiters spend 19 percent of the total time they spend on your profile looking at your picture’. But to which degree does our face predict how good we are at our jobs? We think it’s not our face that defines how good we are, but our education, skills, references and track record. That’s why we decided to pay homage to the brave and creative 5% who dare to not show their face on their profile.

View the online exhibition 

25 September 2017

Thanks for the photo swaportunities

Yesterday, during UNSEEN Photo festival, photographer Janus van den Eijnden organized a Photo Swap event. Lots of interesting photographers were invited to select one or more photo’s for swapping. The Photo Swap event was sponsored by Epson and Fotolab Kiekie. Yesterday evening I arrived home with beautiful images of photographers Vivian Keulards, Chris de Bode, Linelle Deunk, Morad Bouchakour, Sarah Mei Herman, Sander Nieuwenhuys, Roger Cremers and of the organizer himself Janus van der Eijnden. So herewith a big thank you to Janus in the first place and to all the photographers for these fantastic swaportunities!

21 September 2017

Album release Solitary High – LAVALU

On October 5th, LAVALU will release her new album ‘Solitary High’. It is her finest work to date. She has succeeded in developing a style in which influences of Regina Spektor & Fiona Apple can be heard combined with Debussy & Satie. This is today’s chamber music. I’m very proud that she selected me to shoot her album cover. That rocks!

I will definitely attend this talented lady and her album release show in Tolhuistuin the 5th, will you too? Then book your tickets here.

⬤ Visit website LAVALU 




19 September 2017


She is an archaeologist and after following various courses she developed herself into a film maker. Last year her first film was released and now she is busy with a new project in where she combines her expertise as an archaeologist with her passion for film making. She lifted a tip of the veil and it sounds like an exciting exercise. It makes me incredibly curious about the result, you go girl!

19 September 2017


I’ve been working together this summer with this talented artist Ellen Davidzon for an exposition on the Dutch isle of Vlieland. We also have been making portraits in her nice and cosy studio. This is what I love of being a photographer: having these intimate moments with beautiful people on special locations. We had so much fun during the photo shoot. Ellen’s personality is a reflection of her work. She celebrates life, with paintings that so burst with joy for life or with such a tender, deeply human interest. Please visit Ellen’s website and have a look for it yourself.

⬤ Visit website Ellen Davidzon 

14 September 2017


Vandaag was de officiele opening van de reizende expositie FACE TIME, een portretten tentoonstelling die op zes grote NS stations te zien zal zijn. De aftrap was vanmiddag in de centrale hal van het Amstelstation. De tentoonstelling is in opdracht van Kunst en Cultuur in Beweging gemaakt door Dutch National Portrait Gallery.

In de tentoonstelling reageren zes fotografen op zes schilderijen uit zes museumcollecties. Ik mocht reageren op ‘Zelfportret met snorkel’ (2004) van Pieter Pander uit de collectie van het Drents Museum. We zien hem op dat portret met duikbril en een snorkel. In mijn reactie daarop heb ik ook een zelfportret gemaakt, waarin ik thematisch aansluit op Panders zelfportret door een set met schuimrubberen zwembandjes op mijn hoofd te dragen. Ook in de compositie zocht ik verbinding met Panders portret: blote schouders, eenvoudige achtergrond. Met de sluitertijd van 10 seconden kon ik ‘schilderen met licht’. Door een lichte hoofdbeweging kreeg de foto kwastachtige streken.

Amsterdam Amstel – 14/09/17 – 01/10/17
Almere Centraal – 02/10/17 – 12/10/17
Den Haag Centraal – 13/10/17 – 25/10/17
Breda – 26/10/17 – 08/11/17
Zwolle – 09/11/17 – 22/11/17
Arnhem – 23/11/17 – 08/12/17

Zie meer en beluister de podcast 

11 September 2017


Dutch National Portrait Gallery curated the exhibition FACE TIME in collaboration with ‘Kunst en Cultuur in Beweging’ and the Dutch Railways NS.

In FACE TIME, six photographers (including me) respond to six paintings from six Dutch museum collections: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, Museum De Fundatie, Het Noordbrabants Museum, Museum Arnhem, and Drents Museum. A new generation of portrait makers connects between existing and new art and acts as a bridge between artworks and people. FACE TIME shows the importance of incessant reflection on prejudices and differences and the need to create a society which is not only tolerant but also respectful to those who deviate.

FACE TIME is the time spent face to face with someone, with full attention. The title also refers to the element of time between the year the painting was created and the year the photo was made. The coupled portraits are accompanied by podcasts in which museum directors tell us things you did not know about the chosen paintings, and the photographers speak about their newly created portraits. Who is the depicted person we spend time with?

Amsterdam Amstel 14 September – 2 October 2017
Almere Centraal 2 October – 13 October 2017
Den Haag Centraal 13 October – 26 October 2017
Breda 26 October – 9 November 2017
Zwolle 9 November – 23 November 2017
Arnhem 23 November – 7 December 2017

9 September 2017


Kuala Lumpur Photography Awards are proud to present a public exhibition of the 10th KLPA2017 Finalists portraits from 9 – 19 September, 2017 at the Whitebox Gallery, PUBLIKA in Kuala Lumpur. The gallery will be opened daily from 10 am – 7 pm. Free entry. All 56 finalists (like my work) and prize-winning entries will be framed or projected.
KLPA 2017 Exhibition Catalogue  》

9 September 2017


Wethouder Kajsa Ollongren is bezorgd over hoe de stad betaalbaar en toegankelijk kan blijven. Gezinnen en middeninkomens vertrekken, maar ook expats verdienen ruimte. ‘Ik wil niet kiezen tussen groepen.’

⬤ Read the article online 



7 September 2017


5 September 2017

Schrijver Carry Slee: ‘die burn-out was óók boeiend’

Vandaag in Het Parool

5 September 2017

Piece of art delivered

Today I delivered this piece of art to its new owner. I’m sure it will adorn the walls like pearls on a woman’s neck. Also interested in this artwork in limited editions? I recently started my own (semi) online gallery/shop. Check the link below for details of this specific artwork.

⬤ Ayla with the blouse 

29 August 2017


Today in your local (Dutch) bookstore or supermarket: this month’s Focus Magazine with my portfolio. With lots of photo’s. Love it!

⬤ Check out Focus Magazine 

14 August 2017


Had wonderful & relaxing holidays but now… back on track!

☼ See you soon! ☼


18 July 2017

Artworks for sale on the isle of Vlieland

As of next week a selection of ten of my photo’s taken on the Dutch isle of Vlieland will be exhibited in Vlieland’s only (and therefore most important!) gallery. The artworks are not only there for staring at them, they could become your own. The photo’s in a wooden frame are sold in limited editions, signed, numbered and provided with a certificate of authenticity. Other works in the gallery are by painter Ellen Davidzon whose Vlieland paintings with their impressionist, loose touches and subtle colors are very popular. Curious? Make sure to visit the beautiful isle of Vlieland this summer and hop by at Vlieland Maritiem Art (Dorpsstraat 94, Vlieland).

15 July 2017

Sold & Sent: print sale

My portrait ‘Sora with hands in hair’ was sold and sent this week to the new owner, an art collector. She was very pleased with her artwork in a handmade black wooden frame. In this size (medium, 30×45 cm) there are still 5 editions available (+ 2 AP’s). There are two other size editions of 9 (small size) and 5 (large size). All photo’s are signed, numbered and provided with a certificate of authenticity. More information: info@jitskeschols.com

Sora with hands in hair
Edition of 6 (+2 AP’s) | 45 x 30 cm
Giclée print Hahnemühle Photo Rag 320 gr. Pigment inkt
Handmade black wooden frame (baklijst)

Shipping within the Netherlands

15 July 2017


When in pain, we try to find unusual solutions when regular medical service appears to be insufficient. On this photo neuralgia in the foot led to a visit to cupping therapy.

14 July 2017


Yesterday we had the amazing opening of the exhibition ‘Ode to an Amsterdammer’ by Dutch National Portrait Gallery. About 400 people were attending the evening which was opened by former minister and art enthusiast Hedy d’Ancona. Initiator and curator Koos Breukel selected almost 70 painted, drawn and photographed portraits of Amsterdammers made by both known artists as emerging talents. Koos himself made a beautiful portrait of the mayor Eberhard van der Laan with his son. The exhibition is freely accessible from now to August 27th. Go and have a look! And while strolling through the city you might run into Ayla who is on Abri’s throughout the whole city!


Would you like to send your own Amsterdammer, this is your chance! The best (self)portraits will be shown on the Dutch National Portrait Gallery website and on a digital screen at Het Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam during the evening of August 9th from 19:00 – 21:00 hours. More info here (scroll down) >>>


12 July 2017

Street Art Museum in magazine Museumvisie

Museumvisie is the leading magazine for the museum professional. In this issue we meet Peter Ernst Coolen, initiator and curator of what will be the largest street art museum of the world. Coolen in the magazine: ‘I strive for recognition of street art’

8 July 2017

Ode aan een Amsterdammer breeduit in Het Parool

Fotograaf Koos Breukel eert de bewoners en hun stad in de expositie Ode aan een Amsterdammer van 12 juli t/m 27 augustus in het Scheepvaartmuseum. Het Parool besteedt er dit weekend uitgebreid aandacht aan in PS van de Week, het magazine. En de allerliefste Amsterdammer van de wereld staat op pagina 22 paginagroot afgebeeld. Mis het magazine niet dit weekend en kom kijken in het Scheepvaartmuseum. Toegang is gratis!

8 July 2017


Onderzoeksjournalist en hoofdredacteur van Nieuwsuur Joost Oranje houdt vandaag in Het Parool een pleidooi voor nuance: “De wereld zit vol met grijstinten, het spijt me”

More Joost Oranje 

1 July 2017

Rapper Ronnie Flex lanceert soloalbum Rémi

Mijn foto’s van Ronell Langston Plasschaert, ofwel Ronnie Flex dit weekend in Het Parool | PS van de Week. Met een mooi interview van Willeke Keulen over lekkere zinnen, te veel blowen en het succes: ‘Ik ben iedereen die dicht bij me stond kwijtgeraakt.’ Ik ben trots!

Meer Ronnie Flex 

29 June 2017


Today in Het Parool Anja Meulenbelt about feminism, muslim women and Beyoncé. Go get it!

More Anja Meulenbelt 

20 June 2017


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18 June 2017

Dutch National Portrait Gallery: Ode aan een Amsterdammer in Scheepvaartmuseum

Van 12 juli t/m 27 augustus is Dutch National Portrait Gallery te gast in Het Scheepvaartmuseum te Amsterdam met de tentoonstelling ‘Ode aan een Amsterdammer’. Circa zeventig geschilderde, getekende en gefotografeerde portretten van Amsterdammers geven een beeld van het veelzijdige karakter van de stad, van zijn bewoners en van zijn kunstenaars.

De portretten zijn gemaakt door kunstenaars met een binding met de stad. Van anonieme feestvierder tot Johan Cruijff De zaal in Het Scheepvaartmuseum waar de tentoonstelling te zien is –de Kamer van Tromp- is vrij toegankelijk en biedt iedereen de kans om oog in oog te staan met bekende en minder bekende Amsterdammers, waaronder Johan Cruijff, Sophie Hilbrand, Simon Vinkenoog, een anonieme feestvierder of havenarbeider. Burgemeester van Amsterdam Eberhard van der Laan is te zien zoals hij dat zelf graag ziet: te midden van zijn medeburgers.

Deelnemende kunstenaars zijn o.a. Philip Akkerman, Céline van Balen, Anthon Beeke, Mark van den Brink, Willem Diepraam, Rineke Dijkstra, Marlene Dumas, Zea van der Elsken, Cor Jaring, Marijn de Jong, Gerald van der Kaap, Johan van der Keuken, Bart Koetsier, Barry Kornbluh, Esther Kroon, Annaleen Louwes, Max Natkiel, Erwin Olaf, Robin de Puy, Frank Ruiter, Lee To Sang, Jitske Schols, Meinbert Gozewijn van Soest, Peter van Straaten, Harold Strak, Sander Troelstra, Aat Veldhoen, Emo Verkerk, Roy Villevoye, Thijs Wolzak en Cigdem Yuksel.

Dutch National Portrait Gallery Dutch National Portrait Gallery maakt tentoonstellingen op locatie met portretkunst uit museum- en bedrijfscollecties en particuliere verzamelingen. ‘Ode aan een Amsterdammer’ is samengesteld door gastcuratoren Willem van Zoetendaal en Koos Breukel. Het werk voor deze tentoonstelling is deels belangeloos beschikbaar gesteld door musea, kunstenaars en galeries.