The mothers before

In a series of paintings ‘The mothers before’ I introduce our ancestors to my daughter and tell their stories. The paintings are inspired by their lives. With these paintings I explore the women who made me come into this world. Knowing more about family connections, previous generations, historical events and other interesting related facts can help put your own life in perspective in order to learn more about yourself. A world from a bygone era brought back to the present unfolds. Availability and prices >>>

Shreds of Eve in Het Parool

Wat een verrassing dat mijn Shreds of Eve vandaag breeduit in Het Parool staan! All Shreds of Eve in limited edition available at www.multiplemadé.com

Bani da lima in Het Parool

Vandaag in Het Parool: Ruim tweeduizend mensen hielp hij bij hun verslaving aan drank, drugs, porno en gokken. Nu gaat Bani da Lima (65), hoofd-behandelaar bij Jellinek, met pensioen.

Video Shreds of Eve

We proudly introduce the video that accompanies my series ‘Shreds of Eve’. ‘Shreds of Eve’ is a series of poetic portraits that emphasize the fragmentation of herstories in history and is a one-off series by me, offered by gallery Multiplemadé. Please order your free live viewing by sending an email to About ‘Shreds of Eve’Anyone who studies history learns the coherent stories of fathers, sons and husbands. We can only form an image of women by stringing together some shreds and threads of stories carelessly scattered around. ‘Shreds of Eve’ is a series of poetic portraits that emphasize the …