Open Ateliers Amsterdam Noord

INVITATION TO OPEN ATELIERS AMSTERDAM NOORDOCTOBER 2 & 3, 2021OPEN: 12.00 – 18.00 Open Ateliers Amsterdam Noord (OAN): with 115 participants, it’s the biggest artists event in Amsterdam! Hello ?” is this year’s theme. It represents the encounter, the tentative approach, the desire to meet others, the exchange of ideas a bout art and culture, and the act of getting to know each other. “We survived! It’s been uncertain, lonely, dramatic, uncomfortable, and downright horrible, but also cathartic and stimulating. And now, we as artists return with art, culture, and the drive to show all of it to you.” Open …

Waiting for summer to happen

Do you also long for those long sultry summer nights, cozy with neighbors, family and friends around a campfire ? And a refreshing dip during the lazy hot day? I’ll stay positive and waiting for the summer to happen. x Acrylics on linen, 150 X 200 cm (59 X 78,7 in)

Ouch! that hurts…

Ouch that hurts! Opening De Volkskrant this morning touched me more than usual. The V section reported on ‘Kahmann’s dark room’. I’d heard it rumbling in that corner for a while, but now read what was really going on. Sorry. So sorry. I feel confusion, anger and regret at the same time. Confusion because I honestly do not understand why someone with a love for photography and art in general would treat their own artists and clients in this way. Anger because this behavior might have its effect on the entire industry while it doesn’t deserve that. But I also …

Towards liberty

In the series ‘Moments of being’ I have added this painting ‘Towards liberty’. It is a painting about the transition from childhood to adulthood of our children, who will leave the parental home soon to stand on their own feet. ‘Moments of being’ is an ongoing series about flashes of awareness in everyday life that reveal a pattern hidden behind ‘the cotton wool of daily life’, after a philosophy by Virginia Woolf.

[SOLD] After lockdown clubbing, the new roaring 20s

A new painting has arrived. Post-lockdown life brings people to party. The summer has just begun, vaccin doses are received and the wallets are loaded. The rebound is happening fast and reminds us to the Roaring 20s, when people came out from the gloom of a devastating flu pandemic and a global war to foxtrot and make merry. Only, it’s a century later: it’s the New Roaring 20s! (click on painting for more details)