TV maker Ruben Terlou in Het Parool | PS van de Week

Media: Het Parool | PS van de Week Publication date: January 13, 2018 About: Trained as a doctor, Ruben Terlou (32) chose a career as TV maker. From Sunday he is back with a new series about China. ‘When I was young and at school, I always wanted to leave – preferably far away. To disappear. That can be done very well in China. ‘ Article by: Joep School Photography: Jitske Schols ⬤ More Ruben Terlou 》 ⬤ Read the article (in Dutch) 》    

Sprout! exhibition in De Engelbewaarder

Jitske Schols makes editorial, commercial and fine art portraits, mostly – but not exclusively – in black and white. Many of her photographs are rich in contrast, which makes the images appear as penetrating, while the portraits by Jitske are often photographed at a serene or vulnerable moment. Her photography also shows the often playful interaction that can arise between the model and the photographer. The photos seem to refer to the black and white portraits of yesteryear. She prefers to work in a small and intimate setting in which she gets to know the people she is photographing for …

Artist Rob de Nijs in Het Parool | PS van de Week

Media: Het Parool Publication date: December 23, 2017 About: In the 70s and 80s Rob de Nijs was Holland’s most popular singer. On Boxing Day he will turn 75, but with a young child and a new album he gets through aging smoothly. Article by: Peter van Brummelen Photography: Jitske Schols ⬤ More Rob de Nijs 》

Radio interview. With me!

Who would have thought that I would be invited for my favorite radio show Kunststof? Not me! But yesterday I was. And although I was very nervous, I didn’t make the bloopers I was afraid for. Maybe I should work on limiting my ‘…eh’s…’, but hey… that’s me! So, eh…., for anyone who’d like to listen: ⬤ Listen to Radio Kunststof (Dutch) 》


So so sóóó very excited that my portrait ‘Sora in Black’ has been chosen as best Dutch photographic portrait of 2016 out of 500 submissions! From the jury report: “Jitske Schols has built up an impressive body of work in a short time, and received international recognition for that. She has developed her own signature in her portraits. The winning portrait comes from a series that Schols made about children who have a Dutch parent and a parent with a foreign nationality. Sora is a half-Dutch, half-Moluccan girl. Because her face is the only part that reflects the light, the …


I think it was my first holiday ever that I can remember: the sweet times on lovely island Vlieland. I must have been a toddler. Many visits followed. I love the peace on the island, the wide beaches and beautiful views, the fresh air, the dunes and even more the forest. Last spring I photographed the island and exhibited my photo’s -together with paintings of Ellen Davidzon– at gallery Vlieland Maritiem Art.   Today I’ve read in Leeuwarder Courant that there was a meeting earlier this week. The islanders discussed about the future of their island since the growth of tourism on Vlieland continues …

Fired official Saadia Ait-Taleb in today’s newspaper Het Parool

Media: Het Parool Publication date: December 9, 2017 About: What went wrong between the dismissed anti-radicalization official Saadia Ait-Taleb (34) and the municipality of Amsterdam. ‘There is a lot of discomfort about Muslims and Moroccans at the town hall.’ ⬤ Read article by Marcel Wiegman 》

Shortlisted for Dutch Photographic Portrait Prize 2016

I’m so very excited to announce that my portrait ‘Sora in Black’ is shortlisted for the Dutch Photographic Portrait Prize 2016! Out of 500 submissions, the jury chose a shortlist of five portraits made by: Blommers/Schumm, Robin de Puy, Frank Ruiter, Cigdem Yüksel and Jitske Schols (\o/).  The winner will be announced on December 19th. The Dutch Photographic Portrait Prize was established in 2010. The prize is awarded to a photographer with a consistent oeuvre who according to the jury has made the best portrait in a given year. Previous winners include Sander Troelstra, Annaleen Louwes, Robin de Puy and Stephan …

Photoshoot with artist Wende Snijders

Yesss, I just booked a couple of tickets to see Wende Snijders’ new show ‘Mens’ in May 2018 in Amsterdam Carré together with my love. Also very happy that she asked me to portray her. And that just was a whole lot of fun (although you cannot really see that on this portrait). Click the link below for a selection of photos. These images and more are available via LUMEN Photo. Like to also book tickets for this wonderful artist’s show? Visite her site & book. See you there! ⬤ More of Wende 》 ⬤ Website Wende Snijders 》

Nadine Bongaerts in Magazine Future: “No man is as smart as nature”

Nadine Bongaerts is an inspiring synthetic biologist and on the cover of the first ‘Get into Future Magazine’ by TMG, Financiele Telegraaf and SingularityU about nanotech, synthetic biology, fintech, healthtech, blockchain and startups. Nadine herself is passionate about designing life through genetic engineering. She received her Bachelor and Master Degree in Life Science & Technology from Delft University of Technology and Leiden University and is currently pursuing her PhD at French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) in Paris where she works on the development of a novel drug screening platform with engineered bacteria for the accelerated discovery …

Featured in Pf Magazine

Where: Pf Magazine When: November, 2017 What: In the ‘Featured’ section, my photo of Kajsa Ollongren is being reviewed ⬤ Want an issue? Order here 》

Give art these winter holidays

It may be a little early, but you might have to rethink this twice and of course we do have a production time. I’m talking about surprising yourself (and okay, also your partner) with a nice piece of art during these winter holidays. Something lasting, an eye-catching ornament for your wall. Something to remember. In my (self made) webshop you will find some of my (framed) artworks for sale. All photo’s are available in limited editions, numbered, signed and provided with a certificate of authenticity. Three different sizes. Special request possible. What about that, wouldn’t that be a perfect Christmas present? No …

The internship of Vivian

Student Vivian (20) came from Switzerland to Amsterdam to follow a one-week internship. She is in an art school and is particularly interested in photography. We made a plan of things that Vivian wanted to learn. In addition to accompanying me during assignments, she wanted to experiment with studio portraits herself and experience street photography in Haarlem. We did it all and had a blast! Within a week Vivian managed to become a very helpful assistent, a friend and a member of the family. We loved you being here. I hope you learned a lot Vivian and I’m sure we’ll see …

Ellis Aizenberg

Commissioned portrait of Ellis Aizenberg. ||| Want a portrait yourself? Please complete this form and I will send you information.    

Eva Hagenberg

Commissioned portrait of Eva Hagenberg. ||| Want a portrait yourself? Please complete this form and I will send you information.  

Actor Jacob Derwig for Het Parool | PS van de Week

So very proud to have photographed the fantastic actor and above all very sympathetic Jacob Derwig for magazine Het Parool | PS van de Week of this weekend, wearing a suit and shirt designed by John Malkovich (yes it is!)! The newspaper and magazine just arrived and I was very impressed. Not only by the beautiful magazine, but also by the special and exceptional layout of the newspaper, due to the death of our beloved mayor Eberhard van der Laan. Only a beautiful poem of F. Starik (former city poet of Amsterdam) was printed on the frontpage of the newspaper. Sober …

Martin Koolhoven’s Brimstone wins it all

Big winner of the ‘Gouden Kalveren’, the main prizes for Dutch films, has become Brimstone. The western thriller managed to redeem six of nine Gouden Kalf nominations tonight, including those for Best Film. Never before had a movie got so many Gouden Kalveren. Oeh lala, well done & big bow! When the film was released film maker Martin Koolhoven posed for my camera. These photo’s are now available at LUMEN Photo. ⬤ Visit LUMEN Photo 》


New: The Faceless Linkedin Profile Pictures Exhibition. This exhibition is initiated and curated by Fabian Sapthu (Less Agency) and psychologist Tim Theeboom (University of Amsterdam & Less Agency): Of the 500 million LinkedIn members roughly 95% of them has their smiling face as a profile picture. Does this increase their career or business opportunities? According to LinkedIn ‘your profile is 14x more likely to be viewed simply by having a profile picture’. A heatmap study by TheLadders concluded that ‘recruiters spend 19 percent of the total time they spend on your profile looking at your picture’. But to which degree does our face predict how good we are at …

Thanks for the photo swaportunities

Yesterday, during UNSEEN Photo festival, photographer Janus van den Eijnden organized a Photo Swap event. Lots of interesting photographers were invited to select one or more photo’s for swapping. The Photo Swap event was sponsored by Epson and Fotolab Kiekie. Yesterday evening I arrived home with beautiful images of photographers Vivian Keulards, Chris de Bode, Linelle Deunk, Morad Bouchakour, Sarah Mei Herman, Sander Nieuwenhuys, Roger Cremers and of the organizer himself Janus van der Eijnden. So herewith a big thank you to Janus in the first place and to all the photographers for these fantastic swaportunities!

Album release Solitary High – LAVALU

On October 5th, LAVALU will release her new album ‘Solitary High’. It is her finest work to date. She has succeeded in developing a style in which influences of Regina Spektor & Fiona Apple can be heard combined with Debussy & Satie. This is today’s chamber music. I’m very proud that she selected me to shoot her album cover. That rocks! I will definitely attend this talented lady and her album release show in Tolhuistuin the 5th, will you too? Then book your tickets here. ⬤ Visit website LAVALU 》      


She is an archaeologist and after following various courses she developed herself into a film maker. Last year her first film was released and now she is busy with a new project in where she combines her expertise as an archaeologist with her passion for film making. She lifted a tip of the veil and it sounds like an exciting exercise. It makes me incredibly curious about the result, you go girl!


I’ve been working together this summer with this talented artist Ellen Davidzon for an exposition on the Dutch isle of Vlieland. We also have been making portraits in her nice and cosy studio. This is what I love of being a photographer: having these intimate moments with beautiful people on special locations. We had so much fun during the photo shoot. Ellen’s personality is a reflection of her work. She celebrates life, with paintings that so burst with joy for life or with such a tender, deeply human interest. Please visit Ellen’s website and have a look for it yourself. …


Vandaag was de officiele opening van de reizende expositie FACE TIME, een portretten tentoonstelling die op zes grote NS stations te zien zal zijn. De aftrap was vanmiddag in de centrale hal van het Amstelstation. De tentoonstelling is in opdracht van Kunst en Cultuur in Beweging gemaakt door Dutch National Portrait Gallery. In de tentoonstelling reageren zes fotografen op zes schilderijen uit zes museumcollecties. Ik mocht reageren op ‘Zelfportret met snorkel’ (2004) van Pieter Pander uit de collectie van het Drents Museum. We zien hem op dat portret met duikbril en een snorkel. In mijn reactie daarop heb ik ook een zelfportret …


Dutch National Portrait Gallery curated the exhibition FACE TIME in collaboration with ‘Kunst en Cultuur in Beweging’ and the Dutch Railways NS. In FACE TIME, six photographers (including me) respond to six paintings from six Dutch museum collections: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, Museum De Fundatie, Het Noordbrabants Museum, Museum Arnhem, and Drents Museum. A new generation of portrait makers connects between existing and new art and acts as a bridge between artworks and people. FACE TIME shows the importance of incessant reflection on prejudices and differences and the need to create a society which is not only tolerant …


Kuala Lumpur Photography Awards are proud to present a public exhibition of the 10th KLPA2017 Finalists portraits from 9 – 19 September, 2017 at the Whitebox Gallery, PUBLIKA in Kuala Lumpur. The gallery will be opened daily from 10 am – 7 pm. Free entry. All 56 finalists (like my work) and prize-winning entries will be framed or projected. ⬤ KLPA 2017 Exhibition Catalogue  》


Wethouder Kajsa Ollongren is bezorgd over hoe de stad betaalbaar en toegankelijk kan blijven. Gezinnen en middeninkomens vertrekken, maar ook expats verdienen ruimte. ‘Ik wil niet kiezen tussen groepen.’ DOOR: MICHIEL COUZY EN RUBEN KOOPS ⬤ Read the article online 》    

Piece of art delivered

Today I delivered this piece of art to its new owner. I’m sure it will adorn the walls like pearls on a woman’s neck. Also interested in this artwork in limited editions? I recently started my own (semi) online gallery/shop. Check the link below for details of this specific artwork. ⬤ Ayla with the blouse 》


Today in your local (Dutch) bookstore or supermarket: this month’s Focus Magazine with my portfolio. With lots of photo’s. Love it! ⬤ Check out Focus Magazine 》


Had wonderful & relaxing holidays but now… back on track! ☼ See you soon! ☼  

Artworks for sale on the isle of Vlieland

As of next week a selection of ten of my photo’s taken on the Dutch isle of Vlieland will be exhibited in Vlieland’s only (and therefore most important!) gallery. The artworks are not only there for staring at them, they could become your own. The photo’s in a wooden frame are sold in limited editions, signed, numbered and provided with a certificate of authenticity. Other works in the gallery are by painter Ellen Davidzon whose Vlieland paintings with their impressionist, loose touches and subtle colors are very popular. Curious? Make sure to visit the beautiful isle of Vlieland this summer and hop by at Vlieland …

Sold & Sent: print sale

My portrait ‘Sora with hands in hair’ was sold and sent this week to the new owner, an art collector. She was very pleased with her artwork in a handmade black wooden frame. In this size (medium, 30×45 cm) there are still 5 editions available (+ 2 AP’s). There are two other size editions of 9 (small size) and 5 (large size). All photo’s are signed, numbered and provided with a certificate of authenticity. More information: Sora with hands in hair Edition of 6 (+2 AP’s) | 45 x 30 cm Giclée print Hahnemühle Photo Rag 320 gr. Pigment inkt Handmade black wooden frame (baklijst) €680,= Shipping within the …


When in pain, we try to find unusual solutions when regular medical service appears to be insufficient. On this photo neuralgia in the foot led to a visit to cupping therapy.


Yesterday we had the amazing opening of the exhibition ‘Ode to an Amsterdammer’ by Dutch National Portrait Gallery. About 400 people were attending the evening which was opened by former minister and art enthusiast Hedy d’Ancona. Initiator and curator Koos Breukel selected almost 70 painted, drawn and photographed portraits of Amsterdammers made by both known artists as emerging talents. Koos himself made a beautiful portrait of the mayor Eberhard van der Laan with his son. The exhibition is freely accessible from now to August 27th. Go and have a look! And while strolling through the city you might run into Ayla who is on Abri’s …

Street Art Museum in magazine Museumvisie

Museumvisie is the leading magazine for the museum professional. In this issue we meet Peter Ernst Coolen, initiator and curator of what will be the largest street art museum of the world. Coolen in the magazine: ‘I strive for recognition of street art’

Ode aan een Amsterdammer breeduit in Het Parool

Fotograaf Koos Breukel eert de bewoners en hun stad in de expositie Ode aan een Amsterdammer van 12 juli t/m 27 augustus in het Scheepvaartmuseum. Het Parool besteedt er dit weekend uitgebreid aandacht aan in PS van de Week, het magazine. En de allerliefste Amsterdammer van de wereld staat op pagina 22 paginagroot afgebeeld. Mis het magazine niet dit weekend en kom kijken in het Scheepvaartmuseum. Toegang is gratis!


Onderzoeksjournalist en hoofdredacteur van Nieuwsuur Joost Oranje houdt vandaag in Het Parool een pleidooi voor nuance: “De wereld zit vol met grijstinten, het spijt me” ⬤ More Joost Oranje 》

Rapper Ronnie Flex lanceert soloalbum Rémi

Mijn foto’s van Ronell Langston Plasschaert, ofwel Ronnie Flex dit weekend in Het Parool | PS van de Week. Met een mooi interview van Willeke Keulen over lekkere zinnen, te veel blowen en het succes: ‘Ik ben iedereen die dicht bij me stond kwijtgeraakt.’ Ik ben trots! ⬤ Meer Ronnie Flex 》


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Dutch National Portrait Gallery: Ode aan een Amsterdammer in Scheepvaartmuseum

Van 12 juli t/m 27 augustus is Dutch National Portrait Gallery te gast in Het Scheepvaartmuseum te Amsterdam met de tentoonstelling ‘Ode aan een Amsterdammer’. Circa zeventig geschilderde, getekende en gefotografeerde portretten van Amsterdammers geven een beeld van het veelzijdige karakter van de stad, van zijn bewoners en van zijn kunstenaars. De portretten zijn gemaakt door kunstenaars met een binding met de stad. Van anonieme feestvierder tot Johan Cruijff De zaal in Het Scheepvaartmuseum waar de tentoonstelling te zien is –de Kamer van Tromp- is vrij toegankelijk en biedt iedereen de kans om oog in oog te staan met bekende …

Finalist in Kuala Lumpur Photography Awards 2017

I am thrilled to inform you that my image has been chosen as a Top 25 Finalist in the Open Category. You can promote my photo on the KLPhotoAwards website (follow link beneath). Anyhow, this photo will be displayed at the exhibition at the WHITEBOX gallery in PUBLIKA art space, Kuala Lumpur from 9 – 19 September, 2017. If you are in the region please do visit the gallery! ⬤ Go to Top 25 finalists & take a chance to promote my submission (open category) by clicking on the ❤️ on my photo behind this link 》

Open portretdagen in juni

OPROEP: Op woensdagen in juni houd ik open portretdagen in mijn zolderstudio aan huis (Amsterdam Noord). Wil je ook een zwart/wit portret in mijn stijl, van jezelf of van je dierbaren (1 persoon per bloktijd)? Vul dan vrijblijvend onderstaand formulier in, dan stuur ik je informatie over de kosten en voorwaarden toe waarna we definitief een afspraak kunnen inplannen. Tot ziens! ================================================================== INFORMATIEFORMULIER OPEN PORTRETDAGEN ==================================================================

Philippe Vorst won Amsterdam Business Award 2017

New York Pizza won the Amsterdam Business Award 2017. Founder Philippe Vorst (48) received the prize at the Okura Hotel yesterday evening. I portrayed him for todays newspaper magazine Het Parool | PS van de Week. In color this time :-). ⬤ More photo’s of Philippe Vorst  》


Anne Bakker (1989) is a violin player and singer who is active in a wide range of musical genres. She is part of groups like the Goksel Yilmaz Ensemble (Turkish music), Blaze Bayley acoustic trio (with former Iron Maiden Vocalist Blaze Bayley) and Quibus (Electronic band). She performed in Brazil, Dubai, Australia, Turkey, Indonesia and throughout all of Europe. She also performs on her own, singing her own songs and accompanying herself on the viola. For her soon to come new EP Anne needed photographs and I was the lucky one to shoot this amazing talented young & beautiful lady. …


Follow me on instagram:


I had the honor to photograph the beautiful, talented and above all sympathetic actress Marguerite de Brauw. ⬤ Go & see Marguerite 》


For her upcoming album ‘Solitary High’ artist LAVALU needed new pictures. This pure & beautiful singer-songwriter and piano player is known for her music in ‘Het Pauperparadijs’, a play based on the book of Susanna Jansen. Her new album is coming soon and I was the lucky one to shoot portraits of this energetic special lady. Find her on Facebook! ⬤ Portraits LAVALU 》

Me by me

Always difficult: me by me.

Now & Them – ongoing series

In 1837 – exactly 180 years ago – the first surviving photo was taken, a still life by Daguerre. Two years later the first portrait was taken. I love the look and feel of these early images and in my own photography I try to refer to that feeling. In the series ‘Now & Them’ I portray people combining methods of the past with modern practice. ⬤ More Now & Them 》

Portraits for Wagenhof

I recently have been shooting portraits for Wagenhof Bedrijfsmakelaars. As the market leader in large regional Haarlem, Wagenhof focuses on commercial real estate. The portraits of their employees together form the company’s logo. ⬤ Selection of these portraits 》


Today our sweetest cat Boncuk died in my arms. Dear sweet, naughty, tough, awesome, precious, amazing Bonnie…, you will be missed. Love! ⬤ Look at that sweet cat Bonnie 》

Natascha van Weezel

THIS WEEKEND MY PHOTO’S IN PAROOL’S PS van de WEEK: Natascha van Weezel about jews, muslims and being seen. ⬤ More Natascha van Weezel 》


Last year I have been visiting London and shot this picture in the area of the attack today. It looked so peaceful back then. My thoughts are with the victims and their loved ones. And remember: darkness can only be defeated by light. ⬤ View Typical London 》

Hold on – Kris Berry

Kris Berry’s full album BERRY STREET will be available on CD and Vinyl from Friday 19 May. And here’s her first single: HOLD ON! Lucky me to be asked to portray this talented lady for her new single! ⬤ Listen to ‘Hold On’ 》 ⬤ Pre-order your album online here 》      

With Kris in Marie Claire

Singer songwriter Kris Berry will present her second solo album ‘Berry Street’ this spring. Time for april’s Marie Claire to check her favorites. ⬤ Meet Kris Berry 》


De Madrid al cielo y un agujerito para verlo – From Madrid to heaven, with a little hole to still see it Once you’ve seen Madrid the only thing better would be heaven, but you’d want a ‘little hole’ to be able to still see Madrid. ⬤ View Madrid 》  

Go go, powerful women!

Go go, powerful women out there in the world, let’s break through that glass ceiling and flourish! International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. ⬤ Go, go, go! 》  

My submission for Lensculture Portrait Awards 2017

The fourth annual LensCulture Portrait Awards strive to discover the best and most interesting portrait photography from all over the world. With my portraits I try to project an emotional intent into the viewer’s realm of imagination, apart from any prejudices one might have. Sometimes searching for the harsh realities of everyday life, sometimes looking for the beauty in the detail or the overall aesthetics, often both at the same time. ⬤ View my submission 》  


The place where I grew up… I can’t even start to describe the incredible beauty. But the older I get, the harder it is to get it to mind. Facts became fiction, images dreams. The imprints that were left behind in my mind and in my sensations is what remains. © Jitske Schols, autonomous work ⬤ Visit the im•prints series 》


BEAUTIFUL UBAIDA © Jitske Schols, autonomous work

NEWS: represented by Mrs. Robinson

BIRTHDAY ANNOUNCEMENT: AS OF TODAY, MY COMMERCIAL WORK WILL BE REPRESENTED BY MRS ROBINSON, an Amsterdam based photographic agency representing photographers in the fields of advertising photography. Through the years they have gathered a broad background in producing (inter)national photo shoots. They have the resources to handle small till large-scale productions for editorial and commercial shoots in The Netherlands and abroad. I’m very VERY very pleased and looking forward to a fruitful and inspiring cooperation! ⬤ 》  


TWIMC I © Jitske Schols autonomous work, prints available, send e-mail to



My photo’s on Lumen Photo

As of today you will find my portrait collection at Lumen Photo, the starting point for image professionals who are looking for great portraits. In addition to a vast collection of portraits Lumen’s archive also contains numerous stage photographs of international artists. ⬤ Visit my photo’s on Lumen Photo 》

Ode to Paris

Spending the first week of the year in Paris was the first best plan of the year ⬤ More of Paris 》

Martin Koolhoven | Brimstone

THIS WEEKEND MY PHOTO’S IN PS van de WEEK: Martin Koolhoven about – of course – Brimstone, love on the set and why he has an opinion on everything. ⬤ More Koolhoven 》

Javier Guzman

My portraits of Javier Guzman today in Dutch newspaper Het Parool ⬤ More Guzman 》 ⬤ Read the article 》  

Irene Hemelaar

My portraits of Irene Hemelaar today in Dutch newspaper Het Parool ⬤ More Hemelaar 》 ⬤ Read the article 》


I’ve been making black & white portraits, commissioned by MEPD for their new corporate identity. They recently launched their brand new website. ⬤ More photo’s for MEPD 》 ⬤ Please visit their new website 》


The front or the back, what is it that we see? Today I made a new selfie for my bio page. The first known use of the word selfie appeared in an Australian internet forum on 13 September 2002. In October 1839, while standing in the yard behind his family’s lamp store in Philadelphia, Robert Cornelius took – what is believed to be – the first selfie ever made. And no, this was not my first selfie. And it will also not be my last. ⬤ my bio page 》


I had the honor to photograph the talented and beautiful singer-songwriter VanWyck for her brand new website. Follow her and her beautiful music and enjoy all her new plans! ⬤ More VanWyck 》 ⬤ 》


Sometimes you have those special meetings… Is it serendipity? Determination of fate? Anyway, it was so nice to meet the son of the forester of my youth in the photoshoot of  SAM & BORIS | 2016 © Jitske Schols [commissioned] ⬤ Meet Sam & Boris 》


For Campsite Vliegenbos in Amsterdam I portrayed some of the visitors who are enjoying all the benefits the city has to offer. ⬤ Check my series ‘Happy Campers’ 》

Portrait for Blonk

Blonk.NU supports artists and performers as an experienced business manager, who advises on a wide variety of business and legal issues that an artist encounters in their career. Stefan Blonk requested headshots for his website. ⬤ 》

My photo at Berlin Foto Biennale

Welcome to the first edition of the Berlin Foto Biennale – and 4th edition of the Biennial for Fine Art and Documentary Photography – that will take place at the elegant Palazzo Italia, situated in the historic heart of Berlin. It’s the largest German festival for photography. Come and visit to see my work! ⬤ Berlin Foto Biennale 》

Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards 2016

So happy that my entry ‘AYLA’ for the Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards 2016 has been selected as a finalist and will be exhibited in Kuala Lumpur from 6 – 17 August 2016. ⬤ Visit 》