Inspiring artworks linked to Ewijckshoeve

The estate of Ewijckshoeve was in the late nineteenth century the ‘country residence’ of the patrician family Witsen. Their son Willem Witsen was a Dutch painter, etcher and photographer associated with the Amsterdam Impressionism movement. Thanks to his generosity, Ewijckshoeve became a gathering place for writers, musicians and painters and formed the backdrop of the Tachtigers movement who proclaimed the principle of l’art pour l’art. Works of art originated here, can now be found in leading museums like the Rijksmuseum or the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

Exactly a century later I grew up on the same estate, which has shaped me to a large extent. The history of this place has always fascinated me. It is therefor that my photography is derived from the late nineteenth century’s artworks made on or inspired by Ewijckshoeve. Works by artists like Willem Witsen himself, W.B. Tholen or Piet Meiners who had their studio’s there. Or by their artistic contemporaries who regularly visited this place. The atmosphere of these works can be characterized by melancholic, sober, and often dark scenes. Impressionism and naturalism plays an important role.

During my photo shoots, selection and editing process, I try to translate the atmosphere of that period into contemporary images. My monochrome and color usage, compositions, shapes & structures, techniques, use of materials as well as subject matters are strongly influenced by my renowned examples from the past. Like Willem Witsen I seek for a synthesis of the beauty of the past and the pleasant of the present-day.