Shreds of Eve

‘Shreds of Eve’ is a life-sized series of poetic portraits by Jitske Schols offered as a one-time edition at Multiplemadé.

Eve (per head, heart or heels)
Every print is an edition of 10 + 2 AP
60 x 45 cm
€650 incl btw unframed
€825 incl btw framed
(Complete: head, heart & heels) 15% discount


About ‘Shreds of Eve’
Anyone who studies history learns the coherent stories of fathers, sons and husbands. We can only form an image of women by stringing together some shreds and threads of stories carelessly scattered around. ‘Shreds of Eve’ is a series of poetic portraits that emphasize the fragmentation of herstories in history. All portraits are carefully and lovingly composed by myself. With various fragments of my own photographs, found footage, drawings and digital paintings, new portraits of women were created piece by piece. The portraits represent the number of untold or disjointed stories of women throughout history. With ‘Shreds of Eve’ new primeval women (‘Eves of shreds’) arise to tell future stories from an equal female perspective and to encourage the viewer to rethink history.


Multiplemadé is a gallery founded by Madé van Krimpen that organizes exhibitions and collaborates with artists to create one-off editions of high quality. The artworks are offered in a limited edition and are attractively priced and therefore accessible to a wide audience.

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