Gold medal for “Summer in Amsterdam”

Society for News Design (SND44) Print judges have awarded a gold medal in the category Multiple Illustrations to Het Parool for my series “Summer in Amsterdam”

Judges said: “This editorial piece stands out for its unique painted style, which is a rarity in the editorial space. It brings a breath of fresh air with its innovative narrative style. The dedication of such a significant amount of space to art is truly remarkable.” and “It’s a delight to encounter something so distinct and artful.”

Society for News Design is an international organization for news media professionals who create digital & print publications or products. The Best of Print News Design competition is part of the 44th edition of the Best of News Design Creative Competition. SND invited 27 judges from around the globe to review nearly 2700 entries across 11 categories during four days of judging. The Best of Print News Design competition honors visual storytelling and design for editorial work produced in 2022.

Gold Medals: granted for work that clearly stands out even among Silver Medal winners. It should be nearly impossible to find anything deficient in a gold-winning entry. These entries will define the state of the art.

Thank you Eva de Vos for giving me the chance to make six (!) paintings that were published weekly on Saturdays in Het Parool last summer. It was such fun to create them and I had loads of positive reactions! I so much appreciate the fact that Het Parool gives art such a prominent space in its lay-out. More than proud that Society for News Design awarded it with gold!

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