Mezza voce | toyobo etching on chine collé | framed

Mezza voce,  2018

from the series ‘Songs for soprano’
Toyobo etching on chine collé
Hahnemühle + Japanese Kitakata paper, framed in uncoated nut wood, museum glass

In the photo series Songs for soprano, etude #01, Jitske Schols makes an imaginary journey back to the 19th century and visits the estate of Ewijckshoeve in Lage Vuursche. Schols grew up at this estate which used to be the ‘country residence’ of the patrician family Witsen in the late nineteenth century. Their son Willem Witsen was a Dutch painter, etcher and photographer associated with the Amsterdam Impressionism movement. Thanks to his generosity, Ewijckshoeve became a gathering place for writers, musicians and painters and formed the backdrop of the Tachtigers movement who proclaimed the principle of l’art pour l’art. Works of art originated here, can now be found in leading museums like the Rijksmuseum or the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

In Songs for soprano, etude #01 Schols is intrigued by the sister of Willem Witsen, Anna. Who was she? What moved her in life? What was her role and how can that be seen in the time in which she lived? In this quest, the photographer reflects her own life on that of a woman who lived a century earlier on the same spot on earth and by doing so she created an intuitive and personal document.

Available in 2 sizes in an edition of 5 per size:
framework 40 x 33 cm
framework 57 x 47 cm

More information and prizes on request: Galerie Caroline O’Breen, Amsterdam







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This fine art is offered in an authorized signed and numbered size-limited edition of:
> 5 images in frame size 40 x 33 cm
> 5 images in frame size 57 x 47 cm

There are no unauthorized, unsigned and/or unnumbered impressions. There are 2 additional Artist Proofs per size outside the regular editions. The original digital file has not been destroyed. The photographer reserves the right to reproduce prints outside the limited edition for promotional purposes, in books, magazines, exhibitions and press cards. These reproductions are notconsidered originals but may augment the value of your original.