Hillegonda with the zither

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‘Hillegonda with the zither’ (The mothers before)

Acrylics, charcoal and collage on unstretched linen canvas
Frame: no frame (if desired artwork can be stretched for same price)
Edition: unique
Size painting: 75 (w) x 100 (h)
Artist: Jitske Schols
Year of production: 2021
Signed and provided with a certificate of authentification.
Free pick up at the artist’s atelier in Amsterdam. Shipping: additional transport costs, depending on location.

Hillegonda Josina van Eik (1720-1780) is my direct ancestor, 9 generations ago. When she was 20 years old, this daughter of a merchant from Rotterdam married the Mennonite silk merchant Joshua van der Poorten. At the wedding of this privileged couple, poet Pieter Langendyk sang a lyre song. A verse from this (in Dutch):

Ei zie van verre na die Poorten, groen behangen,
Waar uit een Jongeling
Verschynt terwijl ik zing,
Die op de çyter slaat! elk luistert na zyn zangen.

Hillegonda and Joshua had 8 children, 3 of whom died young. They lived at 162 Keizersgracht in Amsterdam and were wealthy (partly through inheritance). Joshua had a prominent position as a merchant and became representative of Stadhouder Willem IV at the VOC. Joshua dies in 1776 and is buried in De Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam. Four years later, Hillegonda follows him. Too early to get to know their renowned great-grandson Jacob van Lennep (b. 1802).

Me> my mother> her mother> her father> his mother> her father> his father> his mother> her mother> her mother = Hillegonda

To introduce our ancestors to my daughter and tell their stories, I make paintings inspired on them. In the series ‘The mothers before’ I explore the women who made me come into this world. Knowing more about family connections, previous generations, historical events and other interesting related facts can help put your own life in perspective in order to learn more about yourself. A world from a bygone era brought back to the present unfolds.

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‘Hillegonda with the zither’ is a painting on unstretched linen canvas and was produced in 2021 by artist Jitske Schols. All paintings are unframed unless otherwise stated. Shipping: Pick up by appointment at the artist’s atelier in Amsterdam.