The pricelist below applies on photo’s for editorial and/or commercial purposes only, not artworks. The final result is always (without exception) in my personal style, please check if that is what you want. The costs for making photo’s are structured as follows:

1: Photoshoot + 2: Photo development (per photo) + 3: License (per photo)

all rates are exclusive of VAT

The photo shoot takes place in or at the studio of Jitske Schols at Zamenhofstraat 110B in Amsterdam Noord and, depending on the photo shoot and the number of people, can be booked per day, half day or quarter of a day. There is a surcharge for evening or weekend photo shoots and a surcharge for a photo shoot at a different location. The photo shoot does not include styling or make-up, but an additional quote can be requested if desired. The development costs of one photo (license A | personal display) are included.
Photo shoot per 0,5 day (max 4 pers *) in / at studio Jitske Schols€750
Photo shoot per 0,25 day (max. 2 people *) in / at studio Jitske Schols€375
Surcharge photoshoot in evening or weekend€100
Surcharge photo shoot on location€100 excl travel costs a €0.22 ct per km
Make-up or stylingnot included, possible on request
*if planned in succession


Indicate in advance whether you want to receive your photo in color or black and white. You can also choose both, but then you pay half of the development costs extra.
Development per photo,
black and white or color
Development per photo,
black and white and color


Please note, none of the licenses listed below offer exclusive use and changes to photos may not be made. The copyright to all photographs taken is owned by me, the photographer. With a usage license I grant you the right to use a photo for the purpose described in the license. I reserve the right to use the photography for self-promotion. All licenses (except License A) have a duration of 2 years.
LICENSE | Personal display
Use for personal display purposes only, including personal social media. Excludes commercial and editorial use. No reproduction allowed. No third party rights granted. Mention of photographer’s name is required.
included in photo development costs
LICENSE | Online only
Use for editorial purposes in any web and electronic media. Applies to a single issue or edition of an editorial use. Includes use in e-book and website. No third party rights granted. Mention of photographer’s name is required.

LICENSE | Marketing (artists/ZZP)
Use in any marketing materials distributed to a targeted audience. Includes use in printed brochure, catalog, annual report, public relations and sales material. Also includes electronic (PDF) versions of the original printed uses. Applies to a specified end user product or service. No third party rights granted. Mention of photographer’s name is required.

LICENSE | Editorial by third parties
Use on a cover or interior page of a magazine, newspaper or journal by third parties. Allows reproduction of page (not photo) for editorial purposes of the written press. Third party rights are granted. Mention of photographer’s name is required. (An alternative is to refer the media to my image bank at Lumen Photo where media can order photo’s for editorial purposes)
per set of 0-5 photo’s

Licenses for commercial companies on request

January 1st, 2022