There wasn’t much he could do

At this moment I’m working on a new series of paintings ‘As it goes’. It tells the story of a young woman at the beginning of the 20th century who had to leave her home at a young age to fulfill the wishes of the men in her life.

There wasn’t much he could do (whilst being away)’, 2021

The series will eventually comprise about ten paintings. Before I start painting, I usually do research and make sketches. Sometimes drawings in my sketchbook, but often I also make analog collages. Although the final painting always ends up different than my sketches, it gives a little insight in how my painting was created.

This process of making sketches and collages helps me determine the symbolism and composition in a painting. To put together an image in such a concentrated and careful way, clipping by clipping (and drawing), and then giving my imagination free rein while painting, helps me to tell the story as it needs to be told. Though it is a slow and time consuming process, I’m sure it contributes to the deepening of my work. And to be honest, I think the collages are also beautiful in themselves. That’s why I decided to frame the collages and make them available for purchase as well.

Analog collage for painting ‘There wasn’t much he could do (whilst being away)’, 2021