Study into shapes, colors & techniques

My photography is inspired on the late nineteenth century’s artworks made by artists like Willem Witsen, W.B. Tholen or Piet Meiners or their artistic contemporaries who lived and worked on the place where I grew up, only a century earlier.

During my photo shoots, selection and editing process, I try to translate the atmosphere of those works and that time into contemporary images. My monochrome and color usage, compositions, shapes & structures, techniques, use of materials as well as subject matters are strongly influenced by my renowned examples from the past. Like Willem Witsen I seek for a synthesis of the beauty of the past and the pleasant of the present-day.

Analyzing those old paintings and photographs I need to experience how colors and shapes react when using different techniques. This time I used hobby wire, a polaroid and my regular camera to have some studio amusement. Enjoy the test results.