Schols now offers unique work

Photographer Jitske Schols will now start offering fine art photography in a limited edition of only one copy. In this way, she wants to ensure that from now her customers can get their hands on a unique work.

The photographer -represented by Galerie Caroline O’Breen in Amsterdam- came to her decision after she took up the brush more often during the quiet corona period. Schols: “With paintings you always sell a unique copy. I see that my clients appreciate that they are the only ones to have that certain work. In addition, I experience a more intense connection with and involvement in my work if there is only one item of it.” This led the photographer to decide to offer her photography as a unique work from now on.

One artist proof (AP) of each work will also be issued for the artist’s personal collection and for exhibitions. Incidentally, the price will not increase. Schols believes it is important that her work remains accessible to a wide audience. In addition, the artist will also occasionally continue to offer special editions and etching prints in edition.

Schols studies themes such as time and space and revives lost herstories. Her work is inspired by the works that artists such as Willem Witsen, Willem Bastiaan Tholen and Piet Meiners made between 1880 and 1920 in the place where she grew up. Schols translates the atmosphere of the past into contemporary images, in which she searches for the balance and synthesis between the beauty of the past and the techniques of today. In the pre-digital era, artworks had to be made by hand and each one was unique. Now, as an artist, you can choose to publish a work in edition, so that an image becomes available to more people. For Schols, however, this is no longer satisfactory. “Offering only unique works of art fits my vision of my photography, emphasizing the exclusivity and specialness of that one photo.”

Jitske Schols (b. 1969) works with a variety of media, including photography, painting, drawing, collage and printing. Her main focus is portrait photography. In 2017 she won the Dutch National Portrait Prize.