Nomination De Tegel for Fokke Obbema

Fokke Obbema has been nominated for ‘De Tegel’ award in the category ‘interview’ with his interview series about the meaning of life. De Tegel is a recognition and tribute to journalists who have contributed to maintaining and improving the quality of Dutch-language journalistic news, reporting, background, research, interview and camera productions. I am very proud to work together with him on this beautiful series on Mondays in De Volkskrant.

Media play an increasingly important role in society. That is why the quality and social significance of media in general and journalism in particular deserve special attention. For that reason, since 2007, a journalistic prize with a national character has been awarded annually: De Tegel. Fingers crossed for Fokke to win this years edition. Just a little patience is what we need right now: the winners will be announced during the award show on April 23rd!


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