New book for De Kunstmeisjes

De Kunstmeisjes – Mirjam Kooiman, Nathalie Maciesza and Renee Schuiten-Kniepstra – write enthusiastically and contagiously about old and modern art – both for the seasoned art lover and the beginning enthusiast. Their book was released just recently. And they invited me to make their portraits for the book and press.

On average, people look at a work of art for twenty seconds. But what secrets unfold after that moment? De Kunstmeisjes, three young art historians, take you along their fifty favorite works of art in Dutch museums. From Frans Hals, Breitner and Morandi to Yayoi Kusama, Louise Bourgeois and Anish Kapoor. They dive under the surface of the artworks and tell the surprising, moving and funny stories that hide there. That art is not difficult, and certainly not elitist, is demonstrated by both old and modern art.

Be seduced by what De Kunstmeisjes write. They teach you to look more adventurously at what is happening on a work of art and tell intriguing anecdotes and fun facts about it. With their unique and current view of art, they make watching a Rembrandt just as accessible as a Netflix night. Not only does art become more interesting and fun, but you will also be touched more deeply in your heart and soul and even your laughing muscles.


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