Longlisted Rabo Photographic Portrait Prize

On the long list for the Rabo Photographic Portrait Prize:

M190601 © Jitske Schols, 2019

From the series 'Ohana'
From the series ‘Ohana’

and (!)…

A190220 © Jitske Schols, 2019

From the series ‘Ohana

After a career in communication, Jitske Schols (1969) has been working as a portrait photographer for national newspapers like Volkskrant and Het Parool since 2013. In 2017 she won the Dutch National Portrait Prize. Schols likes to tell personal stories and likes to keep it small and close to home.

‘Ohana’ is the ongoing photo project with personal stories from the photographer’s family album. About the life of her daughter and her ‘blown in’ son. A long-term project that goes on forever if it’s up to the photographer.

About the photo: “Ohana is Hawaiian and means family in the broadest sense of the word. The family can refer to blood relatives, adoptive relationships or other types of relationships. It emphasizes that families are one and that family members must work together and not forget each other. Mink is the son of the photographer’s partner and lives with the family half the time. “


This fall, the Rabo Photographic Portrait Prize 2019 will be awarded to the photographer who made the best photographic portrait of the past year. The prize is awarded by Dutch National Portrait Gallery in collaboration with Rabobank and Pictoright. Previous winners are Koos Breukel, Stephan Vanfleteren, Gerard Wessel, Annaleen Louwes, Robin de Puy, Sander Troelstra, Jitske Schols and Sarah Mei Herman.


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