FotoFestival Naarden

“I can not sing when I am not feeling happy, that is very different when painting or perhaps exactly the same.”

In Songs for soprano, a photo essay on the life and times of Anna Witsen, Jitske Schols makes an imaginary journey back to the 19th century and visits the estate of Ewijckshoeve in Lage Vuursche where Schols grew up. She enjoyed a happy and peaceful youth surrounded by nature, not being aware that this place formed the backdrop for a tragedy a century earlier.

In search for Anna Witsen, sister of painter, etcher, photographer Willem Witsen ‘Songs for soprano’ is a narrative about an aristocratic young woman with singing ambitions, depressions and an unrequited love at the end of the nineteenth century. Who was Anna? What was her role and how can that be seen in the time in which she lived? Remembering Anna and giving her the stage she longed for during her life, although posthumously.

FotoFestival Naarden
‘Dutch Masters & Marvelous Misfits’
25.05.19 – 30.06.19
Bastion H


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