Bedtime stories

A few days ago I stumbled upon an article in New York magazine / The Cut by Katie Heaney about her newly acquired sleeping habits. I also read the countless hilarious reactions on the article on instagram. At first I came up with a funny one myself: ‘Why even bother to wake up…’, but I hesitated to post it. Why make fun of someone’s primal natural biorhythm when mine is completely out of balance?

My work regularly keeps me out of bed. It is not just deadlines that keep me attached to my computer, but above all it is my desire to create over and over again. And it never stops. It often happens that I have to tell myself to go to bed at 2 or 3 am. With a lack of sleep as a result. The article of Heaney kept in my mind. What if I gave it a shot? Hadn’t I been a morning person for a lifetime before I became a photographer? And isn’t it true that biological rhythms are the natural cycle of change in our body’s chemicals or functions?

That same evening at 8:45 pm I went to bed as describes in the article, to wake up at 5:15 am the next morning. It got me by surprise how full of energy I was at this time of the day (well, day…?) when starting work for a few hours. And even before dawn I took a pause with a refreshing and joyful morning stroll in the dark. With my camera in hand I walked through my neighborhood like I did a million times before, only now a wee bit earlier, seeing the sun rise. Shifting my night work to the mornings.

That was a good start and more days followed. Let’s see where it will lead me to!

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