Average or not, singer-songwriter VanWyck in todays daily Het Parool

Media: Het Parool
Publication date: February 16, 2018
About: Singer-songwriter VanWyck about her first solo album which was released on January 19th, 2018. She’s accompanied on the album by the award-winning bass player and arranger Reyer Zwart, and singer Marjolein van der Klauw, whose silvery voice is the perfect counterbalance to VanWyck’s own darker tones. An Average Woman is about women who are visible and hidden, sacrificing and selfish, ordinary and magical, obligated and free. It’s about the mysteries lurking in the everyday. It’s about creating your own universe and your own sense of belonging – and stumbling along the way. In this debut album, VanWyck explores the roles we are dealt and the ones we create for ourselves and she talks about it in Het Parool.
Article by: Els Quaegebeur
Photography: Jitske Schols
Note of the photographer: go to her site immediately and get blown away by her most beautiful music!

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