So so sóóó very excited that my portrait ‘Sora in Black’ has been chosen as best Dutch photographic portrait of 2016 out of 500 submissions!

From the jury report: “Jitske Schols has built up an impressive body of work in a short time, and received international recognition for that. She has developed her own signature in her portraits. The winning portrait comes from a series that Schols made about children who have a Dutch parent and a parent with a foreign nationality. Sora is a half-Dutch, half-Moluccan girl. Because her face is the only part that reflects the light, the viewers attention is drawn to there. Her gaze is elusive, you can not reach it. This is why the portrait captures your attention and keeps you looking. It is a timeless image; dark, but with just enough translucence. The shape of the arms and the hair work together. The portrait is cinematic and mysterious. ” On the shortlist were Robin de Puy, Cigdem Yuksel, Blommers / Schumm and Frank Ruiter.

Model: Sora Thenu

⬤ Listen to interview on Radio 1 (Dutch only)