I think it was my first holiday ever that I can remember: the sweet times on lovely island Vlieland. I must have been a toddler. Many visits followed. I love the peace on the island, the wide beaches and beautiful views, the fresh air, the dunes and even more the forest. Last spring I photographed the island and exhibited my photo’s -together with paintings of Ellen Davidzon– at gallery Vlieland Maritiem Art.  

Today I’ve read in Leeuwarder Courant that there was a meeting earlier this week. The islanders discussed about the future of their island since the growth of tourism on Vlieland continues in such a rapid way that they wonder how to manage this. Should there be tower blocks on Vlieland? Does the island attract enough youngsters or should Vlieland just please its average wealthy guests? And how does the island preserve its authenticity without becoming an ‘Anton Pieck‘ village?

I’m sure everybody has their best intentions and I really do hope that the decision-makers allow the residents to prevail over commerce. Go Vlieland!

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