Reveiling some backgrounds

Often people ask me about the background of my photography, the style of my images and the deeper meaning of it all. Why is it the way it is?

Well, I will lift a corner of the veil for you. I would say my work is strongly influenced by impressionism, naturalism and the Dutch Tachtigers movement. This last group was a gathering of young artists who proclaimed the principle of l’art pour l’art, so art for art’s sake. The group influenced Dutch artistic and political life during the 1890s. More specifically my work is inspired by the work of painter/etcher/photographer Willem Witsen and his circle of friends, including painters George Hendrik Breitner, Isaac Israëls, and Jan Veth and writers Lodewijk van Deyssel, Albert Verwey, Willem Kloos, and Herman Gorter. How comes? And what bridges us while being over a hundred years apart?

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