Dutch National Portrait Gallery curated the exhibition FACE TIME in collaboration with ‘Kunst en Cultuur in Beweging’ and the Dutch Railways NS.

In FACE TIME, six photographers (including me) respond to six paintings from six Dutch museum collections: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, Museum De Fundatie, Het Noordbrabants Museum, Museum Arnhem, and Drents Museum. A new generation of portrait makers connects between existing and new art and acts as a bridge between artworks and people. FACE TIME shows the importance of incessant reflection on prejudices and differences and the need to create a society which is not only tolerant but also respectful to those who deviate.

FACE TIME is the time spent face to face with someone, with full attention. The title also refers to the element of time between the year the painting was created and the year the photo was made. The coupled portraits are accompanied by podcasts in which museum directors tell us things you did not know about the chosen paintings, and the photographers speak about their newly created portraits. Who is the depicted person we spend time with?

Amsterdam Amstel 14 September – 2 October 2017
Almere Centraal 2 October – 13 October 2017
Den Haag Centraal 13 October – 26 October 2017
Breda 26 October – 9 November 2017
Zwolle 9 November – 23 November 2017
Arnhem 23 November – 7 December 2017