Although I have nothing to complain about (I am healthy and not short of anything) I do see the number of photo shoots dramatically decreasing.

Yes, I also took my measurements. I decided to only do one-on-one photo shoots and not in my studio, but only outside in the open air. With due regard for social distancing and on condition that the person portrayed does not have a cold of course. Planned photoshoots are cancelled, new requests are rare.

Financially it may not be the best time, but creativity flows. How could I photograph someone in times of Corona? Someone who is physically in a different place? That made me plan my first Facetime photo shoot.

Portraits I made via Facetime

It appeared to be rather difficult to get some promising results. For some artworks it could work. For journalistic/editorial shoots though, it doesn’t work as well as shoots in real life and I’m afraid I have to appeal to my creativity a bit more to get some better results.

Be wise & be creative ♥.