Acknowledgment Songs for soprano

Since the Eighties of the past century I am interested in the story of Anna Witsen. It was 1988 when Rein van der Wiel‘s book ‘Ewijkshoeve, Tuin van Tachtig’ was published and -without any internet- he managed to find out alle these details about this young lady that I couldn’t even find with the internet. When I started this photo essay he was the first to run to for information. I was delighted that he handed over the whole Anna dossier to me he had kept for all those years. And even during the process of making he feeded me with extra information. Thank you Rein!

Others I would like to thank are the people involved in the multi media presentation of Anna:

Hedy van Erp – Dutch National Portrait Gallery
Nederlands Instituut voor Kunstgeschiedenis, RKD
App: Slices, Amsterdam
Music: Suzanne Winkler

Finally, I want to make a deep bow for my daughter Ayla who is stepping in Anna shoes so naturally that without her this series wouldn’t be what it is right now. Although it is a sad and serious story to tell, I am happy to tell you that we had also a lot of fun during the making process. Fortunately Ayla is a lot happier in real life than it seems in this photo essay.

Thank you!