The added value of fine art photography in your company

Businesses and large corporations investing into collections of fine art is a tradition dating a few centuries back. But buying art online only just recently emerged. More and more art lovers make their purchases online. And at the same time, photography is currently gaining momentum in corporate art collections. That made me start my own online little gallery. Not only individuals, also companies will benefit from this.

Did you know that art can be a powerful and sympathetic representation of your company’s core values? Large companies, such as Akzo Nobel and ING, have built an impressive collection of art. But also many less big groups have hanged art on their walls to express what they stand for. But there is more. Art has a measurable positive effect on the work environment. American psychologist Aric Sigman investigated the influence of art in the workplace and it turned out that the presence of art has a strong relationship with satisfaction, productivity and a decrease of absenteeism rates. And last but not least, it also has a strong stress-reducing effect. So art on your companies’ walls is not only beautiful, it also has added value in a completely different way.

But let’s be honest, a piece of art should above all inspire and fascinate you. Don’t you prefer a meeting room with outstanding art above an empty walled one yourself? That is why I made it easy for you to orient on, select and maybe eventually buy my fine art photography artworks in limited edition. All artworks are signed, numbered and provided with a certificate of authenticity. Available in three sizes with different finishing options. Ow, and ask your local tax consultant about the fiscal deduction in your country. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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